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CAMS has recognised the importance of Formula 3

Championship Round 1
The Chairman of Formula 3 Australia, Chas Jacobsen announced today that agreement has been reached with The Confederation of Australia Motorsport to grant National Championship status to this years Formula 3 Championship.

“In granting National Championship status to Formula 3 CAMS has recognised the importance of Formula 3 in the makeup of the structure of this level of motor racing in Australia. Formula 3 Australia has adopted full F.I.A. International specifications and as such the young guns here can gain the same experience with our cars as they would overseas at a fraction of the cost”.

“With this announcement, which still has to go through the sign off, the category is expecting substantial interest from those young drivers seeking to have “an Australian Championship” on their racing CV’s.”

“The granting of the Championship status tops off the prestige of Formula 3 racing in Australia and enhances the importance of our DRIVER TO ENGLAND programme which is awarded to our National Champion. The importance of such added value of the Championship status to our category cannot be overlooked.”

“To further align our racing with that in Europe and Japan, where F3 has had a long and illustrious history, Formula 3 Australia has adopted a new pointscore system which allocates points for pole position and fastest race lap in addition to the normal pointscore”.