Not in My Name Mr Blair

March and Rally Glasgow Saturday 15 Feb 2003


1000 Assemble Glasgow Green, 1100 March off, 1330 Arrive SECC, 1400 Jericho Rumpus

1430 Speakers, 1600 Dispersal from SECC

Glasgow Green

There will be stewards and signposts at the main entrances to Glasgow Green from Saltmarket, Greendykes St and Kings Drive.  Participants are asked to follow instructions to the appropriate assembly point.  Toilets will be available.

Transport and access

Car Parking is available on High St, near the High St Train station -  from here it is a 600 metre walk down High St and Saltmarket to Glasgow Green. Coach Parking is available at Fleshers Haugh, which it the part of Glasgow Green Southeast of Kings Drive.  Train stations are at High St (600 m), Argyle St (700m), Central (1,200m) and  Queen St (1,300 m).   The nearest underground station is St Enochs (1,000 m).

Pedestrian entrance to Glasgow Green (map)
Coach parking for Glasgow Green (map)


The march will move down Greendyke St, Saltmarket, High St, Ingram St, Montrose St, Cochrane St, St Vincent St, Argyle St and Finnieston St to the SECC.  The total distance of the march is 4.2 km (2.6 miles).  There will be drumming bands and a samba band accompanying the march.  Because of the large numbers involved the march will be in several sections.

There will be minibuses following the march for those who can't walk the whole way. But we have a serious lack of drivers. If anyone is willing to drive a minibus please contact the Scottish CND office urgently (contact details at end of page).

There may also be very limited (and very noisy) spaces for people downstairs on open-topped buses the bands will be on. If you want to know more about these please contact the office, as we don't yet know how many there will be.


The Labour Party Spring Rally will take place in the Armadillo building in the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC) which is off Finnieston St.  Tony Blair is scheduled to speak to the conference at 2 pm.  After arrival at the SECC we will assemble in Car Park 1.  There will be initial speakers, followed by a Jericho Rumpus when lots of noise is made.  There will then be a call to prayer by an Iman in Car Park 2.  There will then speakers will be in Car Park 1.  Speakers include John Swinney MSP, Tommy Sheridan MSP, Lord Provost Alex Mosson, Bill Spiers (STUC), Rev Alan Macdonald (Church of Scotland), Wael Shawish (Scottish Campaign for Palestinian Rights).  There will also be speakers from the Muslim Association of Britain, FBU, EIS, Globalise Resistance and the Scottish Green Party.  The rally will be chaired by Elinor McKenzie, convenor of the Scottish Coalition for Justice not War and Joint Secretary of Scottish CND.  Toilets will be available.

Transport and access

Please note that all footbridges over the Expressway and over the River Clyde to the SECC will be closed.  Pedestrian access to and from the SECC will only be from Finnieston St.  Coaches will pick up at Elliot St and Lancefield St.  No car parking will be available in the streets adjacent to the SECC.  Nearest train station Exhibition Centre / Finnieston (500 m) - access from SECC via underpass.  Low level trains run frequently between here and Argyle St station.

Getting to the SECC: pdf (510kb) pdf (128kb) (maps)


Please follow the instructions of stewards at all times.  Stewards will wear yellow vests marked "steward".  Stewards will also try to answer questions from participants.

What to bring

Clothing and footware for the outdoors; food and hot drinks; whistles, drums and horns for the Jericho Rumpus; banners; items to decorate the fence.

George Square

The assembly point for this rally was moved from Glasgow Square because part of the Square is in use.  If there are too many people waiting at George Sq to join the march they will have to wait until it has passed and join onto the end.


If you have specific questions on transport from your area, disabled access or other issues please check the website at  which will have the latest detailed information.  Alternatively phone the Scottish CND office on 0141 423 1222, email or write to the Scottish Coalition for Justice not War, c/o Scottish CND, 15 Barrland St, Glasgow, G41 1QH.

Help mobilise

The march and rally is taking place because on 15th February Tony Blair is due to speak at the Labour Conference in Glasgow.   It is organised by the Scottish Coalition for Justice not War to tell him that we don’t want an attack on Iraq.  The rally will attract thousands of supporters.  Groups will be arriving by bus from across Scotland.  We are having a lot of enquiries about the event, many from people who have not taken part in protests before.

Please help to make sure as many people as possible know about the demonstration and turn up - order leaflets, posters and stickers; tell your friends, family and colleagues at work; let groups that you are involved in know about it.

Don't let our voices be silenced

The Labour party is trying to silence our demonstration.  While we have permission to be in the car par at the SECC next to where Tony Blair will be speaking, we are being told that we cannot have a PA system at the rally.  This is a deliberate attempt to silence the voices of the speakers who will be there.  We also need a PA system on safety grounds.

On the 30th January the Scottish Parliament passed a motion which says that the Parliament "notes the demonstration on 15 February 2003 in Glasgow called by the Scottish Coalition for Justice Not War against attacking Iraq, and endorses the right to express opinion in peaceful protest"

So why is the Labour Party trying to block our right to express our opinion on 15th February by trying to prevent us from using a PA system ?   The Scottish Coalition for Justice not War is determined to force the British Labour Party to back down.  Please help us by taking the following action:

(1)  Join in a protest outside the headquarters of the Scottish Labour Party at the AEEU building in West Regent St, Glasgow at 10 am on Thursday 6th February.   We will be making it clear that we will not be gagged.

(2)  Write to your MP and ask for this to be raised at Westminster.

(3)  Write to your MSPs and ask them to implement their motion of 30th January by demanding that a PA system is permitted at the rally.

(4)  Mention this in letters to local and national papers.

Help at the rally

Because the march and rally will be so large, over 20,000, we will need 300 stewards.  Please help us by applying to be a steward at the event.  You will be given full details of the event and will play a key role in making the day run smoothly and effectively.

Please send …. . leaflets, ……  posters

I wish to order Don’t Attack Iraq Tshirts :   …XL,   …L,   …M,    …S (£5.50 each - cheques to Scottish CND)

I would like to help as a steward   o

I would like to help with the vigil in Glasgow 8 – 14 February.

Enclosed is a donation of £ ……. (cheques to Scottish Coalition for Justice not War)

Name      ………………………………………………

Address ……………………………………………...


Postcode ………………………………………………

Tel          ………………………………………………

Email       ………………………………………………

Return to Scottish Coalition for Justice not War, c/o Scottish CND, 15 Barrland St, Glasgow,

G41 1QH.  0141 423 1222