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Welcome to the SWCA Collector Connection
  Rules and Disclaimers *READ THIS FIRST*
11/15/01 11:38:31 pm
Notes from moderators and administrators.
012/21/00 10:55:09 am
Announcements of additions to the site, chat sessions, etc.
233/31/02 12:17:34 am
The Star Wars Collectors Archive Celebrates One Million Visitors - Post your Archive memories here
373/24/02 7:34:11 pm
  Outside the Collection
Off-topic discussion is welcome here! Use this forum to get to know your fellow collectors. Remember to keep it civil, clean and most of all, fun!
727/2/02 8:38:35 pm
Collecting Topics
  Collecting: General
Forum for the discussion of upcoming events, preservation, display and other general collecting topics. BEFORE POSTING HERE, PLEASE MAKE CERTAIN YOUR POST IS NOT MORE APPROPRIATE TO ONE OF THE FORUMS BELOW.
10077/3/02 4:56:22 pm
  Collecting: Appraisal
What's this worth? How much will I have to pay for that? Ask these and similar questions here.
8167/3/02 6:23:19 pm
  Collecting: Nostalgia
Ah, the good ol' days! The days when 12-backs cost two bucks! Relive your collecting memories here.
547/3/02 8:12:47 pm
  Vintage Toys
Star Wars revolutionized movie merchandising in the toy industry with a long running, diverse line of action figures, dolls, playsets and vehicles. Discuss them here!
7067/3/02 12:37:30 pm
  Vintage Prototypes
Forum for the discussion of vintage pre-production material of all kinds, including action figure first shots and proof cards.
3506/30/02 10:47:45 pm
Store Displays
  Vintage Store Displays
From Kenner toys to Burger King drinking glasses, store displays were issued for everything. And collectors love them. Discuss them here.
622/17/02 2:13:14 am
  Misc. Vintage: General
Trading cards, comics, posters, apparel, film props and much, much more. This forum is for the discussion of, well, everything else.
1586/27/02 11:23:34 am
  Vintage Items For Sale or Trade
Have something for sale or trade? Post your ads here (and only here). Please post responsibly and limit your ads to no more than once a day.
7007/2/02 8:22:13 pm

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