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Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 13:26:58 GMT
From: Bill in Brooklyn (@ [])

Easy potato recipes needed...

I have just "acquired" 40 lbs. of potatos.  A 
vegtable stand outside my subway station 
closed and the owners "opened" it up to the 
public (talk about a Russian food riot!).  
Anyway, I thought I'd ask everyone for 
suggestions since going through all my 
cookbooks would not be as fun! (and 'cause me 
and family will be eating 'tators for a 
while).  Thanx. 

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1. Bill, Rec. Russian Potato Casserole with Carmelized Onions is TDF!!!!...> (nlb)
2. Bill, Susie says these are the most awesome scalloped potatoes she ever ate!...> (nlb)
3. Rec. Hungarian Style Mashed Potatoes...> (nlb loves potatoes!)
4. Easy Herb-Roasted Potatoes with Balsamic Vinegar (Jakenyc)
5. Paprika Potatoes.... :) (jj/EDM)
6. REC: Crab Stuffed Potatoes... (Amy/CT)
7. Love those taters! Here's two easy ideas... (Karen)
1. Thanks Karen, that reminds me of my Gratin Dauphinois...> (nlb)
1. nlb, I was gonna post this one too, it's one of my faves...rich and comforting (nt) (Pat/No. Cal.)
8. French Fries with Chili Salt & Cumin Catsup...> (nlb)
9. REC: Pamela Barrett's Garlic Potatoes... (Amy/CT)
1. Amy I tried your recipe last night and it was great>> (Hanadi)
1. So glad to hear you liked it, it's one of our favorites! (nt) (Amy/CT)
10. Click on my name for one woody posted REC: Boursin Cheese Potatoes (nt) (Amy/CT)
1. wow woody! thanks Amy. nt (nlb)
11. Don't throw the water away after you've boiled... Make bread with it... tis the best! :) nt (jj/EDM)
12. COMN for REC: Thunderbolt Potatoes posted by loupy (nt) (Amy/CT)
1. YES!!! another vote for Loupy's potatoes - awesome! (NT) (Cyndi)
13. Noisette Potatoes.. great with roast... :) Yum :) (jj/EDM)
1. jj, I like this recipe. Thanks. nt (nlb)
14. COMN for REC: Caramelized Potatoes posted by Nanna (nt) (Amy/CT)
1. WOW Nanna! Exceptional recipe, thanks a million and thanks Amy for posting. nt (nlb)
15. Potato Frittata (Pat/No. Cal.)
16. Mexican Potato Casserole (Pat/No. Cal.)
17. SOUR CREAM POTATO SALAD (adapted from post #11744)...very tasty (Pat/No. Cal.)
18. Oven French Fries....easy and low fat. (Pat/No. Cal.)
19. Potato Casserole (good for brunch or dinner) (Pat/No. Cal.)
20. Elegant Scalloped Potatoes (Pat/No. Cal.)
1. Pat, please post the Butterscotch Yams recipe, I would love it. Thank you in advance. nt (Barb-No. Calif)
1. Sure, Barb, here it is...Rec: Butterscotch Yams (Pat/No. Cal.)
1. Hi Pat, what a great recipe! Thanks. nt (nlb)
1. nlb, you're welcome. Even people who say they don't care for yams eat these and rave. (nt) (Pat/No. Cal.)
2. Pat, thank you for this recipe-----it sounds so good, my mouth is watering. Also thanks for the tips! nt (Barb-No. Calif)
1. You're very welcome :) (nt) (Pat/No. Cal.)
21. Twice-baked potatoes (Pat/No. Cal.)
22. Potato Gnocchi :) (jj/EDM)
1. My Mom made these for us... (Rachel)
1. COMN for Sweet Potato Gnocchi that I made last winter. :-) NT but URL (Randi)
1. Randi, Comn on your name for a response from me, it did not post as I thought it would. Guess my mistake. nt (Barb-No. Calif)
23. Potato Salad (a family favorite -- passed down by my German great-grandmother) (Pat/No. Cal.)
24. COMN for another potato salad - Long Island Deli... nt but url (Randi)
1. Thanks Randi, that was worth waiting for! nt (nlb)
25. That's all... come on there must be at least one rec. for every pound of pots. Bill has..... :) nt (jj/EDM)
1. jj, you must have misunderstood. Bill has 40 POUNDS OF POTATOES! He needs 40 recipes! nt (nlb)
1. That's what I meant alright... we should try for 40....Shouldn't be all that hard with all the experts round here! :) (jj/EDM)
2. LOL@nlb....thanx! (Bill in Brooklyn)
26. REC Potato Dumplings Pientok (Polish) (PegW)
1. PegW, I love potato dumplings...had a Polish boyfriend once and his mom taught me to make "kluski"...delicious. (nt) (Pat/No. Cal.)
27. 2 more faves (can you tell I like potatoes???? LOL) (Pat/No. Cal. (feeling sheepish posting so many))
28. Verrry sheepish now...I have more T&Ts...should I post 'em???? or save for another time? (nt) (Pat (it's no secret now that I'm a potato lover))
1. Go, Girl, Go. We need 12 more. Every one helps. nt (Rachel)
2. Go for it! nt (nlb)
29. We can't forget Latkes... VERY simple and plain, but good for a bit of a "fix" :) (jj/EDM)
30. Argentine Potato Salad (Lynda Lakewood, CA)
31. Potato Tomato Garlic Soup (jj/EDM)
32. Closin' in on 40!! REC: Dill Potato Wedges (Ron in Worcester)
33. REC: Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes (Ron in Worcester)
34. REC: Potatoes Port Salut (Sandra in London)
35. REC: Potato and Porcini Gratin (Sandra in London)
36. REC: Ensalada de Papas con Chile Poblano (Sandra in London)
37. REC.:Eaasiest potatoes you will ever make.... 3 or 4 ideas (Cyndi)
38. REC: Delmonico Potatoes... (Amy/CT)
39. Rec: Garlic, White Cheddar and Chipotle Mashed (Pat (tiptoed back in with more potato favorites))
40. REC: Texas Breakfast Tacos (Potato & Egg) (Mandy/St. Maarten)
41. can we keep going????? :) Rec: Swanson Skinny Mashed Potatoes (super easy) 8/28 (not a skinny cook)
42. REC: Parmesan Smashed Potatoes... (Amy/ potato crazy in CT)
43. WOW I'm impressed so many GREAT recipes thanks to all (Hanadi(who seems to gain and gain lbs from archive_swap25801-25900))
44. And don't forget Smash--Rec: inside (Nan in Fl)
45. REC: Puffed potato slices with Parmesan (Cathy Z from Kauai)
46. REC: CZ's Double Spud Wedges (Cathy Z from Kauai)
47. REC: Parchment Potato Packets (Cathy Z from Kauai)
1. Cathy, these are so great. (FRC) (Cyndi)
2. I agree I tried them nd love them thanks CathyZ (and for the favorite chicken recipe too now it's our home's favorite ) (Hanadi)
1. Mahalo, Hanadi and Cyndi- 120 people? Yow- kudos!! (nt) (Cathy Z from Kauai)
48. REC: CZ's Twice-Baked Potatoes (Cathy Z from Kauai)
49. REC: Savory Baked Potatoes (Cathy Z from Kauai)
50. Cheddar Cheese Potatoes w/ Sour Cream (Ann/NoVA)
51. Rec: Tortilla Espanola (Potato Omelet) a little more time consuming than some, but worth it. (Pat/No. Cal.)
52. No Potato Cookbook would be complete without Kiss Potato Salad, eh, Randi?? COMN or look inside!>> (Pat/Harpers Ferry)
1. oop dupe, randi posted as Long Island Potato Salad nt (nlb)
1. Missed it. It's worth mentioning twice, anyway. (Pat)
53. REC: Loupy's Carne Guisada con Papas and Ellen's Curried Beef and Potato Stew... (Dawn/SanDiego)
54. REC: Callie's Mozzarella and Potatoe Pie and Rosemary Roasted Potatoes... (Dawn/SanDiego)
55. REC: Mom's Potato Soup and Smoky Potato Soup... (Dawn/SanDiego)
56. REC. Baked Potatoes a la The Harts (Cyndi)
57. Rec.: Baked Potatoes with various toppings (Cyndi)
58. Rec: Applebee's Bacon-Scallion Mashed Potatoes (Pat/No. Cal.)
59. REC: Grill Potato and Onion Packages, URL inside or COMN for recipe from Bon Appetit. 8/29 (another potato lover)
60. These must be the Everready potato recipes...'still going and going' ;) Rec: Mexican Stuffed Potato (Melinda in San Diego)
1. Still Going... garlic potato cups with fresh sage.. (marg)
1. marg, sounds delish. Thanks. nt (nlb)
61. Rec: Tatties 'n' Neeps (Scots style mashed potatoes with turnips - simple, yummy)... (Martha in Sacramento)
1. Sounds similar to my mother's Swedish recipe (more) (Ann/NoVA)
1. Interesting!Makes sense-Sweden and Scotland are just across the way from eachother! Sounds good w/ the rutabagas too. nt (Martha in Sacramento)
1. I was thinking the same thing... (Amy/CT)
62. Hope you don't mind one more. Hobo Potatoes... (Rachel)
63. Just one more? You must try this potato salad.... (loupy)
1. Loupy, this sounds great, I'm gonna make it this weekend for a tailgate party. Thanks. Any more????? ;) (nt) (Pat/No. Cal.)

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