Cocaine Fiends

The Pace That Kills

Crazed dope fiends on a narcotic rampage!

Cocaine Fiends
Greatness Rating:   7 Entertainment Value:   7
Plot Quality:   7 Acting:   7
Directing:   6 Special Effects:   4
Humor:   5 Action:    2
Suspense:   6 Quotability:   10
Overall Rating: 6.1
Weighted Rating: 7

Not bad. I know you're wondering how a movie called Cocaine Fiends could be anything but cheese, but consider the fact that it was made in 1936! Actually, this movie was pretty amazing. The plot was about this pusher who runs into this girl out in the boondocks and gives her some "headache powder" until she gets addicted, then convinces her to move to the city with him. Eventually her brother gets sucked into the Dope craze too, by one of the pusher's other women. Then her brother's girlfriend kills herself, and she ends up killing her husband the pusher.

   Great Parts:

    Poor Parts:   1