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What are Stumpers?

Stumpers are learning tools using television game show formats in which participants assume the roll of contestants in a game show.  There is a game board to provide categories and "dollar" amounts are assigned to the trivia-type questions and answers.  Stumpers are usually done as a presentation with the presenter as the game show host.  During the answer phase of the round, the host can present additional information to the audience pertinent to the question's topic.

Most of these Stumpers are in the form of question and answer bowl-type games but they could follow any popular game show format.  No mention of any game show should be made in the game or its advertising if this information will appear on the Web.  This would violate the copyright/trademark of that game property. Because the format is highly interactive, as well as competitive, it makes learning of facts fun. It is currently being used for educational topics with Family Medicine and OB/GYN residents and PharmD students.

The downloadable portions of this board may be used without the permission of the authors.  Please give citation credit to MAHEC Family Medicine Stumpers. All medical and pharmacological information contained in these downloadable modules are out of date and should not be considered an authoritative source. Spelling and grammar is not guaranteed and should be checked by the user prior to use.  If the Stumper's title is not hyperlinked (green w/ underline), then it is not yet available for downloading.

The templates available here are changed on a regular basis.  Always visit and pick up the new template, rather than continuing to use an old one.

Last updated 08/22/2002

Stumpers Done in PowerPoint:
Click on title to download.  If you are using Internet Explorer and the PowerPoint file opens inside the browser, then just choose File>Save As and save it to your hard drive, and then open it with PowerPoint. You must have PowerPoint 97 on your computer in order to author on the board.  If you have trouble saving it in either browser, then try this:
From this page, right click on the file that you want to download, then
choose Save Target As in I.E. or Save Link As in Netscape.
PowerPoint Introductions:

Can be inserted into or in front of a Stumper to lend a little pizzazz.  You can make your own also.

  • Intro1 --- One slide, photo backround, animated text. Frank Wartman, MAHEC-CELT

  • Intro2 --- 2 slide, animated elements & text, Beethoven music.  Barbara Lovejoy, MAHEC Biomedical Designs


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