Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries

(c) Interactive Magic


Real Time Strategy


P90, 45M HD, 16M RAM, DirectX




C. W.

  Seven Kingdoms:Ancient Adversaries is a kingdom building strategy game. Coming in the wake of such games as Blizzard's Warcraft 2 and Microprose's Civilization 2, it brings together some of the same elements of these two classics. In Seven Kingdoms:Ancient Adversaries, you start out as a small kingdom, where you train units and establish relations with other nations, eventually amassing enough wealth and power to crush them. You can choose between 10 different nations each with their own abilities.

  The units and kingdoms are well balanced as each unit has its own abilities and strengths. The fighting units are trained by a powerful king or general, making them stronger and stronger in which they eventually gain a special attack. If espionage is your style, you're in luck as the spies have an fair amount of abilities. You can train a spy as a fighter where he will be able to assassinate your enemies generals or people of power. Or you can infiltrate their kingdom increase your spying skill and either sabotage or inspire revolts. The other units are for mining, constructing buildings, repairing or researching.

  While this game has many good gameplay qualities, I found the graphics were not up to the modern hype. Many times I got confused as to which unit was mine in the thick of battle. The learning curve is also a bit steep. You'll obviously need to invest some time in order to win, as I found it difficult on the easiest setting. In conclusion, if your one of those old time gamers who are willing to sacrifice excellent graphics, 3dfx and ambient sound, and prefer gameplay, this is your game.

Rating: 84% - Well balanced real time strategy game.