Pictures from GENT 2001


The view from my room
The people from ELSA youth meetings
Same people, another angle
The two heroes (Edwin and Anita)
My fellow Icelanders (Hjörleifur and Benedikt (Hjolli and Benni))
Who put that picture here???? Yes, this is me, Arni Thor!
Me too
Singing between lectures
Bente Iren and Hjorleifur
Playing guitar in the street
My friends from Poland, Monica, Filip and Agniezka
Lasse from Norway leading the group who sang few National Anthems
Riddle: Who is drunk?
My friend Peter from Bulgaria
The Scottish people and David Steiner
European League Stuttering Association
Catherine and Melissa having good time
Christian and Erik Lamens made the night for most of us
Gent was great fun

The Gina corner

It was funny the first time
Is it me or does she hate cameras??
Not at the dinner, Gina!!
To drunk to notice this time!
YES, at last (and somebody else took the picture)!!


I miss all of you and hope I will meet most of you again, in Poland, Norway, Australia or some other places in the world. If you are coming to Iceland, send me mail and we can meet again. The mail is
Arni Thor