Netscape Enterprise Server Release Notes

Version: 6.1

Updated on: October 15, 2002

These release notes contain important information available at the time of the Version 6.1 release of Netscape Enterprise Server (NES). New features and enhancements, installation notes, known problems, and other late-breaking issues are addressed here. Read this document before you begin using Enterprise Server.

These release notes contain the following sections:

These release notes describe changes made for Version 6.1. See also:

What's New in This Release

Deleted Features

As of Version 6.1, Netscape Enterprise Server no longer supports JSP 0.9. If you have a previous version of Enterprise Server, edit the obj.conf file and remove the entire <Object>/</Object> entry for the object jsp092.

Required Patches

Required patches are listed for the following platforms:

Sun Solaris Patches

The following patches are recommended for Solaris users of Enterprise Server. In addition, you should have the patches in Sun's recommended patch list. For Sun's recommended patch list, see To get Sun patches, see your Sun service provider.

For each patch, use the listed revision or a higher revision. For example, if you need patch 111111-01, the later revision 111111-03 will also work.

Note that if you are using a JDK, you may need additional patches.

Windows Service Packs

Windows NT 4.0 SP6A is required for running Enterprise Server 6.1.

Windows 2000 Server SP1 or later is required for running Enterprise Server 6.1.

JRE/JVM Versions

The following versions of JRE and JVM are bundled with Enterprise Server 6.1:

Platform JRE / JVM / JIT Version Comments
Solaris 2.8  Solaris VM 

(build Solaris_JDK_1.4.0_00)

Comment out the -Xrs flag in config/jvm12.conf to generate stack traces. For more details, see the section "Generating a Stack Trace for Debugging" in the Netscape Enterprise Server Installation and Migration Guide.

For JVMPI-based profiling (such as hprof) or debugging purposes (such as attaching Solaris dbx), use the reference implementation downloadable from:

Windows NT 4.0 Java version 1.4.0_00 Classic VM  
Windows 2000  Java version 1.4.0_00 Classic VM  
RedHat Linux 6.2  Java version 1.4.0_00 Classic VM  

Installation, Upgrade, and Migration Information

This section includes information for installing, upgrading, and migrating from the previous release. For additional information about system requirements and installing the product, see the Netscape Enterprise Server Installation and Migration Guide.

The following table summarizes the supported platforms for Enterprise Server 6.1. All platforms, except for Microsoft Windows 2000, require a minimum of 128 MB memory (256 MB recommended) and 150 MB disk space. Windows 2000 requires at least 512 MB of memory and 2GB of disk space to run Enterprise Server 6.1 successfully.

Vendor Architecture Operating System
Microsoft  Pentium  Windows NT 4.0 SP6a

Windows 2000 Server SP1 

RedHat  X86  Red Hat Linux Advanced Server, based on kernel 2.4.9 with glibc 
Sun  UltraSPARC**  Solaris 2.6, 7*, 8 

* Supported via binary compatibility.

**As of Enterprise Server 6.x, older SPARC CPUs are not supported. Enterprise Server 6.1 continues to support the UltraSPARC architecture.

Upgrade/Migration Issues

If you are running an earlier version of this product, see the table below to determine how to upgrade to Netscape Enterprise Server 6.1.

If you are running...Then...
iPlanet™ Web Server 6.xInstall Netscape Enterprise Server 6.1 in the same server root.
iPlanet Web Server 4.xInstall Netscape Enterprise Server 6.1 in a different server root then migrate your data to the new server.
Netscape Enterprise Server 6.0Install Netscape Enterprise Server 6.1 in the same server root.
Netscape Enterprise Server 3.x or earlierInstall Netscape Enterprise Server 6.1 in a different server root. There is no migration path.

See the Netscape Enterprise Server Installation and Migration Guide for details.

Known Problems and Solutions

This section lists known problems with this release of Enterprise Server 6.1.

Platform-Specific Information

This section describes platform-specific known problems and workarounds for the following platforms:

Windows NT

Windows 2000


Netscape Enterprise Server uses the following libraries from the organization:

For more information see

How to Report Problems

Your feedback is welcome and extremely helpful for improving the product. Before contacting us to request assistance, please check the documentation for this release. If you need further assistance or information about Enterprise Server or if you need to report problems with this product, contact Technical Support.

So that we can best assist you in resolving problems, please be sure to include the following information:

You might also find it useful to subscribe to the following newsgroups:


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