the Guru’s Network is proud to host the classic Kai’s Power Tips:



About these files:

  These files were originally distributed on AOL (and countless bulletin boards) as Microsoft Word documents - never intended to be read online. The Gurusnetwork transcription of them have been from the original text files. We have attempted to maintain the flavor of the originals as much as possible with regard to layout. We have not edited any of the content with the following exceptions: references to documents which were once on AOL have been omitted; instructions for printing do not apply and have been omitted; requests to give AOL feedback have been omitted.

The internal content dealing with Photoshop has not been edited. You will notice it is very "Mac-Centric", and anticipates that the reader might not have millions of colors available. You may also be momentarily disoriented because contemporary versions of Photoshop have changed the layout of some dialog boxes or menu choices. In most cases the core functionality still exists in spite of some rearrangement of the user interface.

We certainly hope you enjoy these both for their "time capsule" feeling but more importantly for the solid instructional content they still contain!