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GreaseSpot Cafe > WayDale Documents > Real Audio Section

You will need the FREE Real Audio software to listen to these files. Sorry Web TV users! I don't have a solution for you yet.

These Real Audio file sizes are a bit large, but they are well worth the download. They feature the Martindales screaming,  shouting, and condemning others as they demand money for their ministry and threatening those who would leave TWI with death.

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Title Comments Size Included
Ten Percent Minimum Ten percent of an individual's income is what Martindale expects from new Way followers. This is the minimum level of giving allowed at The Way. This giving is not required until an attendee has been at fellowship for a few weeks. 1997-1998

108K 04/26/99
Eleven to Fourteen Percent from Faithful Disciples is expected

Martindale gets increasingly angrier.

Faithful disciples are required to give at least between eleven and fourteen percent to the ministry. 1997-1998 59K 04/26/99
God won't listen Martindale warns that God will not listen to Way followers or answer their prayers unless they are giving money to The Way. 1997-1998

106K 04/26/99
Give me everything beyond what you need to live. Martindale tells Way followers that they should be giving everything beyond what they need to live. To live any other way is selfishness. 1997-1998

123K 04/26/99
Ron Brown and Naomi Poling Warbasse

The Way teaches that its followers will die if they leave The Way.

Donna Martindale states that the reason Ron Brown (U.S. Commerce Secretary) was killed in a plane crash in Croatia in April of 1996 along with 35 others people was that one of his staff, a young girl named Naomi Poling Warbasse was on board the plane.

Naomi was the daughter of Art Poling (former Way Cabinet member in the mid eighties). Art chose to leave The Way, and in this audio clip Donna states that the real reason his daughter died was because he (Art) chose to leave The Way ministry. 1996

928K 04/26/99
Donna and The Baseball Coach Donna Martindale expresses outrage that her son Timmy has to be coached at school by the "copped-out" Way Corps minister Jim Ferraro. Jim left the ministry of his own free will and is now discriminated against by The Way and its staff. Donna and Craig frequently confront the local school about their kids being called "wafers" and yet in front of all the staff and their children at TWI headquarters, she openly displays her belief-based bigotry and discrimination. 1997

489K 04/26/99
Training in Religious Discrimination for the staff and children of The Way International. Donna Martindale in a further example of her bigotry. Here she warns Way people not to "yoke" themselves with the "infidels" or "unbelievers", meaning anyone who has a belief system different to her own. These life and morality lectures are held in front of the staff and their children at The Way International  HQ. 1997 67K 04/26/99