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Author May 21st and counting!

Posted: 2002-05-21 10:10     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Well...the countdown has begun.

The Bash is upon us, whether we like it or not.

If you havn't booked your room, do it!

This bash, is going to be jampacked with hijinks and fun! I can hardly wait!

Of course, I think we should come up ith a new name for it...

Any suggestions?


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Well, what really is starting to make me nervous is the 18 rooms booked quota we have to hit :( If we don't make that, we'll have to pay a lot extra - like 200$ for every night we are there (on top of our fees for the room), and 500$ for the hall, which is what I understood from Cru.

So come on! Book your room.

The fact is - I've done it. They don't charge your CC until you get there, which means you don't have to make the payment til the end of June, not now, in May. So book your room already! There is only a few days left.

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hehe...sounds like $200 each...but it's not...that's $250 per night for the whole group...still alot of money..and it is money which "I" don't have. I am the organizer not the funder of this little shindig, so yes, we will have to pass the hat and or get creative to come up with funds to cover the difference.

But Korayn has a good point, you don't have to come up with the money, until the actual Bash...so that gives you an extra couple of weeks to scrounge pennies...BOOK YOUR ROOMS FOLKS!

...or you will forever miss out on Boz' performance...

I can't say anymore...I have probably said too much as it is...

I'm a woman.
Phenomenally, Phenomenal Woman.
That's me.

Disciple of Bozentology ~DotFR~

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Yup, lots of money!

That's $500 for the two nights, and then what for the banquet hall? Another $500? Think Cru and Boz wanna dish that out on our behalf? I wouldn't ;)

I was worried that my CC would be billed now, so I asked about that. They reassure me that my CC is not billed until I sign in at the desk. They put your CC on file for your reservation is all. Your card is only charged when you show up, or if you don't cancel. That means your card will not be charged until June 7th or so, which means you don't have to pay it until the end of June when your bill comes in.

So whether or not you have the money now, or will be short right at the time of the bash is irrelevant, if you can manage the money after, for the bill later.

You're also able to cancel up to a day before the reservation, I believe. They inform you on the phone. Well, I called in, was easier on me. If you do it by net, not sure if it will tell you. So for people who may be thinking - or have the payee thinking - "Mmh. Seems like it's not really worth it..." book anyways! You have a few weeks to change your mind still.


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