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Posted: 2002-05-29 22:47     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
I got on this morning to find 2 of my top 20 kingdoms skumkilled. No war or anything. I said bugger this. I'm not going to sit around and be picked off by the heathens around me. Who to attack? Well the King is the top heathen...So I took down the king. Then the next king, then the next, the next and the next. One set of turns and my six doms took down the top five kingdoms in the game. They aren't dead but are a very pale comparison to their former selves. I downsized ALL of it. I don't know who any of them belong to. I hope nobody in a war and relying on them. I am I'm tired of always defending. If I get knocked down I'll feed off the kingdoms around me untill I'm back. I'm doing the attacking now and every Darden beware...

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Can't say as I blame you Arioch. I just deleted and said that's that. I'm taking a break. Just playing LGS and guilds for now until I feel like playing again. Do what you gotta do to have fun because getting randomly scumkilled without a war is not what I call a fun time.

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Damn! I love Turmoil


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Uh oh Ariochs mad look what u have gone and made him do

Dwarven Giant

Posted: 2002-05-30 07:41     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
At least it wasn't me (this time) that made him mad. :-)

Go get those Dardens Arioch!

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Posted: 2002-05-30 12:20     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
As long as it's Darden, you're after....:-)

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Posted: 2002-06-03 06:40     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Man...I forgot how many turns and money being at war eats up. Ricardo, you're a lucky one. Earlier I had prepped to hit yours. Went to do a final check on the boards and you had declared on Leif. Now you're in ANOTHER war? Tsk, tsk. Oh well I'm keeping busy trading land with other people. :)

DG. Thanks for the cheer but err...aren't YOU darden? Nothing against you though. You always keep it fair and still pound my doms into the dirt. Glad we've already had our land swap this age. Unfortunatly I lost my early scouts. I hope my troops don't march into your doms by mistake. I'm sure you would *cough* inform them of their mistake...

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Posted: 2002-07-02 10:24     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
btw Arioch, those top 5 kings you wiped out....all me!!!!

Sorry I couldn't retal, RL didn't allow it. But if I scrape out some time for another comeback, you are numero uno on my list. lol

nice hits btw.


Posted: 2002-07-02 18:43     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Nice reaction time there crazy man.

::bitch slaps SeaNile for dragging up ole threads::

Sorry, pet peve :p

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Posted: 2002-07-02 19:16     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
seaNile! Where you been hiding? Err...sorry about that ol chap. I didn't do any scouting, just sent the dragons flying. Come on back and play this age and I'll give you a second chance... ;> Drop us a line. We havn't talked forever.

Tsk, Tsk 667. Is that how to treat our old GM?

The OFFICIAL love slave of Adara.
Isha Al'Shaitan forever....DoC....Renegades of Despair
Scummer of Chaos
Sheep won't last through the night. A moose is what you need...

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