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(OOC)Everyone is welcome to participate. As long as your character is not a droben. Please make sure Isonia calls you first! That way we'll know who else is playing.

"You're a lowsy son of a bitch you know that!" "Shut up, or i'll smash your face!" "Come over here and make me!" "Go bother someone else, you're drunk!" "I am drunk?" "Damn right you are!"

The maid kept on trying to make the two angry and obviusly drunk dwarves to stop fighting. But when she saw they were too strong and too drunk for her to handle she went to the back to get the even stronger cook. The two dwarves kept on fighting, but suddenly it was silent. Nobody knew why but they didn't have the nerve to say another word. The rain started pooring down on the small inn, while there hadnt been a cloud in the sky for days.

A lightning bolt hit a tree not more than a few meters away from the inn, right next to a strange man completely dressed in black. He entered the inn and asked for a drink. But the silence continued and everybody started staring at him. Suddenly another lightning bolt hit the inn and the kitchen burst into flames. The crowd panicked and within no time the whole inn was empty, accept for the stranger. And the maid, who was still staring at him... "Who... who are you?" "My name is Alcumar, what is yours?" "I... I'm Kiandra" "Do you see the flames Kiandra?" "I do sir, i can see them" "Facinating isnt it..." "Im sorry sir?" "The chaos and destruction they cause" "I... I'm afraid" "Dont be, there is nothing to be afraid of. Nothing is uncertain, I can prommise you that" "I'm paralised with fear" "Good, if you run away it'll only hurt more"

Meanwhile the flames kept coming closer and closer towards the two people still inside the inn.

"Can you feel the heet?" "It is too warm, I think I should get out of here" "Give me your hand, we will stay here together" "But... we'll die!" "Ah yes, but you made one mistake little girl" "Let me go, what do you mean?" "Only you will die, the fire is a terrible way to die. It causes quite a lot of pain. It is perfect for torture" "Let me go! I dont want to die!" "There is no way out for you. Please tell Isonia I said hi" "Freak, let me go!" Alcumar watched as the maids clothes caught fire and he found pleasure in the pain he could see on the girls face. Suddenly he heard a voice. "I thank you sir Alcumar for this wonderful sacrifice you just ensured for me. But I request to meet you in person. I will be waiting for you, come to the forest of Erindwar within three days, dont be late"

Slowly he came back to consiusness and he opened his eyes. The entire room was black with burnt wood and he was sitting on a chair. He tried to remember where he had been last night. Suddenly he remembered, the inn. The fire had almost completely consumed the remains of the maid, but he found some pieces of her hand lying next to him on the table. Isonia had saved him from the fire... He remembered where she had asked him to go and whithin minutes he was on his way to the dark forest of Erindwar.

After three days he had finally found the forest, a few people had told him not to go there because it was haunted according to them. But Alcumar didnt care, Isonia was all he could think about. Finally he saw the enormous forest streching accross hundreds of miles on the plain below him. Not knowing where he had to be in the forest, he decided to wait for nightfall, hoping for a sign of campfires. He decided to wait a little lower on the hillside and started his decend. It was not long before he stopped in amazement, a small dried out bush was burning, but the flames where not consuming it. "Welcome sir Alcumar" "Isonia?" "Yes, sir Alcumar. Step closer, i require your skills" "I am just a humble servant my lady" "You have never been afraid, dont start now" Alcumar stepped closer towards the bush that was still burning. Suddenly the figure of a woman started to appear in the smoke. "It is rare that i show myself, you should be honored" The beautiful figure of a woman was holding the shaft of a dubble bladed battle axe. The figure became clearer and clearer, she was dressed in red and her eyes burnt with the fire of passion. "I am amazed my lady" "You will remain here for two more days. You will not eat. Two more men will be arriving soon, embrace them as your brothers"

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The winds blew through the purple moor. The darkgrey clouds were gathering in the sky and the autumn sun was sinking beyond the tree line. Soon it would rain and the wind would rage over the moor, bringing water to the land as far as the eye can see. It would provide water for everyone who needs it, but not Dwarves or Copper, and he grimaced and said with a harsh voice.

We don�t need no bloody water, water is for elves and other weaklings like the Droben. Beer and applebrandy is what a warrior needs, right Cop???

He heard his massive �pack�hog grunting in agreement. The hog and he had much in common, both stubborn and chaotic, rough but honoust and fair from the out- and inside.

All right Copper, we have marched enough for today. Tomorrow we will reach our Realm, so we can start our next war

He took the reins in his left hand and walked to a mighty old oak with his quarterstaff in his right hand. The branches of the oak standing as strong as a stronghold in the darkgrey sky. It was a great sight and a great place to camp for the night.

He unleashed Copper of his reins, and untight the two great barrels filled with beer and applebrandy of the body of Copper. He grabbed two dead branches and set them in place next to the oak. Than he threw the cansas on those branches and fasted two ends of the cansas to the bast and the other two to the branches. A simple but steady place to rest for the night. He took some stones and some wood and made a fire. All was fine and good. He grabbed his mug and a bowl and filled it with beer. He gave the bowl to Copper and walked to the bast.

He sat against the bast with his back and filled his pipe with tabac. He closed his eyes while smoking his pipe and sipping from his beer. Untill the winds where whirling around the tree and lighting hit the top of it. The smoke of the fire and his pipe were coming together in the sky�.

In an instant he had his doublbladed axe �The Whistler in his hand, and heard the sound of the mug falling on the ground, he heard the grunting of Copper and he watched the Chaos before him

By the gates of Moria
Who are you??? And What do you want�.. Bloody sorcerers� Always fooling around with there puny spells, and staffs. But nothing can beat �The Whistler� and me�. So who are you

He watched in amazement when the smoke became a figure a slender woman, with a beautifull smile and figure�. Honeylike eyes and a sunbrown skin, a beautiful woman it was, a bit to tall for a dwarf, but who cares. He tries to stand tough and hopes his smile looks like asmile. But he was a stocky and roagh dwarf who needed no woman, and certainly not her, dwarves are best so stop fooling around he murmurred.

Goodday Bassilus. Still having a chaotic temper I see, but that�s one of the good things about you for my next quest. I desire your help Bassilus and will see you again in 3 days in the forest of Erindwar where you will meet two others, trust them as you trust Copper and all will fall before you�.. don�t be late

Than the smoke started to vanish and the image became more and more blurred, but she ended with a mysterious smile who affected him and suddenly he knew

Copper that bloody woman wasn�t Isonia, was she??? Blood and Bloody ashes�. That was bloody Isonia�. And she wants my help

When the first sunrays lightened up the moor he started his journey to forest of Erindwar and in three days he saw a black man standing against a tree, right on the spot were Isonia told him to go��.

No one will ever know your name, but you will always remember mine, now accept your death...
Bassilus son of the Red Dragon
Holder of 'The Whistler'

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"Lady wait!" "It is all you need to know..."

Slowly the darkness of the night regained control over the small bush, the smoke faded into the background and down below he heard the wolves cry in the silver moonlight. He looked down into the dark dense forest, the cry of a victim of a vampiric half elf broke the silence. He picked up his dark brown cloak and wondered off into the darkness.

It was not long before he heard a song, as he came closer and closer, the more he started to hate the it. He felt his whole being unified in a terrible hatred against the creatures bringing forth this terrible sound. Suddenly he found himself inside the circle of wagons. He looked around and saw nothing but the most horrible creatures, they were not even worthy of the name. "What is this song?" Silence... "Answer me!" One of the men tried to hide, but instantly he was turned into a burning corps. "That's rather painful isnt it?" One of the men had gathered enough strenght to speak... "It is a worthy song sir" "Ah, so you can speak" He turned around and faced the man. "Worthy you say, for who?" "Foret sir" "I should've known... even Darden would've killed you long ago if you tried to honor him with this" "What are you going to do sir?" "Good, a question. So you even posess the ability to think, although it is not much" "Please tell us what you are" "I must say, you never stop to amaze me. Why should you want to know, Foret knows that Isonia's follower is going to destroy you all. He even must have seen it coming" "Well..." "Speak up, i can not hear your mumbling" "You do not seem to be made of flesh and blood" He felt a strange senstation of warmth and for a second he started to think about what the man was saying, but the feeling of pure hate against Foret took over again. He walked over to the man. "I guess you even want to know how I will kill you" He stretched out his hand towards the throat of the man. "Your final seconds will say enough..."[red] Slowly his hand closed around the neck, tighter and tighter. He could see that the man was trying to speak... The sound of breaking bones overpowerd the silence as the lifeless body of the man remained. Alcumar felt the spirit of the man trying to stay in the body. Quickly he turned the head more than a quarter around and the spirit flew away. [red]"Why you wonder" The remaining five men had drawn their swords, ready to fight to te end. "You cant kill me!!" One by one the men were set on fire and Alcumar sat down to watch their painful and useless struggle. "Ive been thinking of something nice to say to Foret, but nothing comes to mind" Alcumar was about to return to the bush to wait for the others as he heard a faint cry coming from one of the wagons.

Inside he found a little child, no more then six years old. "I know what i need to do now Foret, words are quite useless in the end. Only actions remain... I believe especially you will find this one to illustrate my feelings toward you quite good Alcumar grabbed a piece of wood from the wagon made a cross from it. With two strings he tied the child to the cross and planted in the ground near the wagon. The child was hanging three feet above the ground. He picked up a torch and set all the wagons on fire. "I believe you are one of the lucky ones little princess. You will die of starvation, im sure Foret will understand"

Unity of Rivon
Dramiric, Mian and Alcumar
Chaos is the only constant

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The thunder thundered, and lightning flashed through the sky enlightning the landscape so now and than. He felt the rain cutting against his face and he felt wonderful and thanked Isonia.

He watched the black man silently....Who was he, what was he? Was he strong, fair, did he like ale, and chaotic? He hoped he was, the perfect partner, because the only good way is my way and he grimaced.

Suddenly the man started for some wagons on the edge of the forest of Erindwar. He saw colourful Foret chipsies singing and laughing to eachother.....

He grimaced, what would the black man do? Would he try to convert them to Isonia, would he frighten them... Fear always converts, and makes men loyal when they finally know that his hard, chaotic but fair way is the good way.... Or would he just kill them all for an offer to the chick Goddes, Isonia.

He watched the spectacle with joy, and wished that Copper were here, so he could grab his mug and drink an ale or two.

At last he saw the black man grabbing a child and put it on the cross and watched it with disbelief, this was a grave deed. What has a child to do with war. He shaked his head and walked to the place where he left Copper and where he would meet the third man. An evil black man, a Chaotic Dwarf how would this third person be, and why want Isonia them to gather he.....

Hello Copper, you want some meat, and some applybrand... I bet you do

He grimaced and untight the barrels and make some sort of encampment. Just a canvas over two Branches against a tree, a circle of stones with a fire and he grabbed 'The Whistler' his doublebladed Battle axe and walked with Copper to a farm not far away.

He saw a horse standing in a meadow and stalked to it.

click... click... Hello little horsy.. hello

He tried to say with a melodic tune, but for a dwarf that was difficult. He saw the horse turning his head towards him, and looked right into his curious eyes. He saw him thinking what could a small dwarf do, that the horse would soon find out.


In one blink he grabbed 'the Whistler' firm in 2 hands and chopped in one motion the horse's head of.

stupid horse, a hog is much better

In seconds he had fastened the horse behind Copper's massive body and stalked in a quick march away, before someone would notice, leaving a trail of blood behind, which would vanish in the rain.

He marched to the camp and butchered the horse and cleaves the meat on an iron pole and hung it above the fire. Soon the black man would return and he would meet him. He grabbed a mug and Copper's bowl and filled it with applebrandy. He gave Copper his bowl and sat against a tree with his pipe, the mug with applybrandy and tabac, and waited while the rain felt on the canvas.

No one will ever know your name, but you will always remember mine, now accept your death...
Bassilus son of the Red Dragon
Holder of 'The Whistler'

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As the sun was setting Isam was looking over the rolling hills. He was hunting followers of Foret. His quarry was only half a day of traveling away.

It had taken a month to find them, but in the end Isam's determination had paid off. It allways had and it allways would. Time was only a small price to pay to achieve most goals.

He looked to the east where his soon-to-be victims where gathered and noticed that they where building a camp. They had not noticed that he was so close on them. That meant that his hunt would soon be over.

He felt a little disappointed about that. He liked the hunting more than the killing. Unlike some people, who would just go for the closest, fastest or easiest kill, he didn't kill someone unless it was necessary. But when needed he did not hesitate.

As soon as the sun had set and it was completely dark, he picked up his equipment. His hunting and his dual swords. He always preferred swords above other weapons. A sword is a fast and precise weapon. Not as crude as a war hammer or a mace. Some people just don'thave the agility to use a sword. Though he had seen some axe-warriors whoe were very impressive. No weapon could equal the sword.

He didn't carry much equuipment, because he allways walked. He didn't thrust horses and packmules where too damn stubborn. His feet were fine and on the long run he could keep up whit any horse.

He began running and went in the direction of the campfire.

His companions were sitting around the campfire and were talking happily. Surely they would have lost the person who was hunting them. They had not seen a campfire in days. His determination had surprised them. What person on this planet would follow a few refugees for a month??

As he wanted to ask his wife to pass the ale suddenly an arrow streaked past him in one of his comanions chest. As he looked at his companion in horror a man, their hunter, was among them. He took up his mace, but it wouldn't matter anymore.

As the last of his targets fell Isam scanned his surroundings. He had not come all this way to let one escape, though it would be fun to hunt him. As he looked at the camp, his breath caught for a moment. That couldn't be who he thought it was.

The smoke of the fire had formed into the form of a woman, a beautiful woman, who signalled him to come closer. Warily he stepped to the fire, ready to have his bow or his swords out in a second.

Wary as allways, I see
It was Isonia, it had to be. Even though he had half convinced himself she really was Isonia, he stepped wearily to meet her image, ready for any trap.

I have something you need to do for me.....

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It was in the deepest of night that Isam reached the forest of Erindwar. After a small time searching he found the two other persons he was supposed to meet here. He found a good position from where he could watch the two persons. Isonia or no Isonia. he wanted to know who he was dealing with.

One of them was a dwarven warrior. He was carrying that double bladed battle axe like he knew how to use it.

The other was carrying no weapons. He must be a mage or something. Just because a man did not carry weapons did not make them less dangerous. Some persons could fight as well with their hands as any swordsman. Isam had never underestimated someone because he had no weapons, that was one of the reasons he was still alive.

After little more than an hour He arose and slowly walked to th site where the two men where sitting. He wondered what Isonia would want him to do. What kind of persons would he work with. He hoped they where no complete idiots.

The dwarf seemed to noticed him first. He must have good eyes to notice him this early. But the other man, who was dressed all in black, didn't look up until Isam stood next to him. Or the man was overconfident, or he must have very good reflexes to be standing there with his back turned to someone who could possibly kill him before he noticed.

There was a moment of silence before Isam said "I guess you are here for the same reason I am? He didn't wait for an answer, " Let's see what Isonia wants from us."


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Alcumar walked back towards the camp site, where he found an ale drinking man. A few meters away from him was a fat hog drinking something else, it smelled like applebrandy. �Who might you be?� �Aye, you want some ale?� �Answer me!� �Maybe a piece of horse?� �I do not care about such things...� The dwarf turned out to be a warrior and he was quite skilled in the use of a doublebladed-battleaxe. Which he himself called �The Whistler�. Alcumar tried to figure out why, but he did not care. With every mug of ale, the man became louder. �Isonia give me strenght, why have you chosen such a chaotic man?� No reply came... �What plans did you have in mind for him?� Again Isonia did not reply, silence continued... With every word the dwarf spoke, Alcumar�s hate against him grew. �This dwarf is an idiot, chaotic right down to the bone! What could he possibly do to aid me?� Finally she replied. �sir Alcumar, this is not a normal dwarf...� �My lady, I can�t see why� �He is a good warrior, and a skilled one. This party will need his skills, or else everything has failed before it has even started. Stop acting as a fool sir Alcumar, embrace him as your brother. Do not doubt the third, he will have a skill we�ll need

Until deep into the night the two men sat there, one silent as always, the other drinking ale. Not much later, Alcumar felt the presence of another person, a little higher up the hill. He kept on watching them. Undoubtedly without hostile intentions. Finally he seemed to decide to come down and spoke �I guess you are here for the same reason I am?� Without waiting for an answer, even from the dwarf. �Lets see what Isonia wants from us�

Isonia had also noticed the arrival of the third warrior... Some rubble around the three men started to take the shape of Isonia �I�ve called you here for one purpose alone, to eradicate a plague. Nearly two thirds of the Droben have betrayed me. They are now a plague and must be destroyed. Once they were a proud race, the dwelled deep within the earth. For thousands of years I protected them, destroying all evidence of their existence above and aiding in difficult times below. Until the day they surfaced, convinced of finding a better world, filled with a better unity, putting an end to all their misery. But instead they only found a division of faith, in the form of two more gods. A lot of them turned away from me, disregarding the years I helped them. And they must pay for this. All Droben following the coward Foret and the liar Darden must die. Not one ill soul must survive.

Sir Isam, sir Bassilus and sir Alcumar, your goal is clear. However there is a lot of work to be done, and it will not be easy. The Droben have proven themselves to be a fierce warrior race. Do not think lightly of them, do not make the same mistake I once made. They are worthy allies, but even worthier opponents. Especially you, sir Alcumar, hear my words... Do not make my mistake.

Now the time for talk has passed, the time of your first victory is at hand. Go forth and destroy the plague in my name!�
�But my lady...� �There should be no doubt in your minds anymore, eradication is all. Now go!�

Unity of Rivon
Dramiric, Mian and Alcumar
Chaos is the only constant


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After Isonia was gone, Isam was totally surprised. Why would she want to do this. Where was the logic behind it. He knew there must be, but it irritated him endlessly that he didn't find it. Isonia wasn't a goddess who did things without a reason. He had to think about this. He was certain he would find it in time.

For the moment he had other things to worry about. His two companions. Had they seen the surprise. He knew he didn't show his emotions well, but caution was never unnecesary. He looked at his companions.

The dwarf did not seem to mind the assignment at all. That did not really surprise him. The dwarf was a person of action. He liked to fight. Contrary to Alcumar. He liked the killing, he liked pain. What was the reward of pain?? Sometimes you could get information by hurting someone. But there always were other ways to get that.

Alcumar didn't seem to like what Isonia had ordered them. Why was that. Another question burning in his mind. Why had she chosen the three of them to do this was still present in the back of his head?? Maybe Isonia didn't want to show her hand in this. It could be, or else she would have set all her followers to this task.

There were two things that had to be done now. He had to do as Isonia had told them, but first he had to find as much as he could about the other two. He didn'twant any surprises at all.


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"Hunter! Your thoughts betray you, you still have doubts don't you?" Alcumar was upset by this man of doubt. None should doubt the power and wisdom of Isonia, even her enemies know what she stands for. Isonia meant power, power for all strong enough to control it. "Hunter, you can control your physical power, but can you also control your mental power?" Alcumar turned around and faced the dwarf. "Tell him, you can appreciate the control of power as a follower of the chaos. When you can oversee the chaos you have great power, am i right?" Alcumar looked Isam in the eye again. "You are new here, arn't you?" He could feel the doubt inside the young man's head. "Where are you from anyway? And you dwarf, who are you?"

Unity of Rivon
Dramiric, Mian and Alcumar
Chaos is the only constant


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Isonia came and went in a matter of minutes. It didn't surprise him, you never need much words to say what you want, it was better to be direct.

Bassilus frowned at Alcumar. Who did he think he was, a warrior??? He had his doubts about that. But this other man was surprising as well. He didn't look doubtful, but you can see he was thinking. Bassilus murmured...

So now we have three leaders, A Chaotic Warrior, a black man and a leader who would take the step that would give him the most gain, but he was honourful indeed instead of this Alcumar... hmmm

He didn't know that he spoke aloud but they could hear it. This was an interesting mission which was necessary. There were to many Drobens around and to few Isonians. And this was a team.... with all different types of men, warriors. And now he saw the usefullnes of Alcumar.. yeah he had use, but this Isam, he would like to fight at his side in the battlefield, he would sure have lovely tactics and he could stop him when he wanted the impossible... and he grimaced, and grabbed two mugs and filled them with ale and gave it to the other two lads before he introduced himself and answered to Alcumars question.

I am Bassilus, son of the Red Dragon and holder of 'The Whistler'

He pointed to his doublebladed axe

This is Copper, my pack and war'hog'

he pointed with his quarterstaff to the grunting hog and grinned when he saw their amazed looks he added...

Copper runs as fast as a horse, but is less easily to stop, and he's like me.. Chaotic, stubborn, rational, dark, and rough, and who might you be??

He took a great swig, because your mouth gets dry after so much talking and dwarves didn't have harsh and not a beautifull voice, so he didn't say more than was necessary and waited for the answers.

No one will ever know your name, but you will always remember mine, now accept your death...
Bassilus son of the Red Dragon
Holder of 'The Whistler'

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"You shouldn't mistake caution for doubt"

Why did the man, Alcumar, accuse 'him' of doubt. It was clear that he didn't like the assignment Isonia had given them. Why would he dislike their assignment and accuse him of doubting her decision. Another question.

The comment seemed to deepen the dislike Alcumar was showing to him. Why was he showing so much emotion while he spoke about mental powers. He seemed to dislike warriors and he seemed to think he was 'merely' a warrior. If it ever came that far Isam would have some nasty surprises for Alcumar.

When the dwarf spoke he replied.

"I am Isam"

The dwarf was far from ordinary and the fact that he used a hog, suggested that he did not take the most direct or easiest path. He had chosen a beast not easily tamed, but one that fit his character. That would make him an even tougher opponent and he would be underestimated easier.

"I think it would be a good idea to decide what we are going to do accomplish our task. Other than just rushing off and killing every Droben we meet"


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"Bassilus, you've chosen your weapon well. I am Alcumar, and that is about all you need to know. Don't play tricks on me, you will regret it before you know"

Alcumar felt his hate against the hunter Isam rise, he could just barely control it. But he couldnt show any trouble. "Isam, you are a fool. Caution is good, as long as it is justified. As long as you trust yourself, you dont have to know caution" Alcumar paused for a minute, waiting for the young Isam to process everything he had just said. "The only way you could ever justify caution..." Alcumar stopped, he had heard something. "Bassilus, did you hear that?" A poor race of hunters had approached them, from upwind. "Quiet, both of you" The stench overwhelmed them, a stench of rotting flesh, the stench of a rotting orc, the stench of something stupid. "Droben, a few meters down hill" Alcumar folded his hands, sensing the approach of about ten of the foolish creatures, who had just been sent to futures history by Isonia herself. "Fool stand back, you might hurt yourself" He shouted to Isam, revealing their location to the approaching droben.

Suddenly the sound of an arrow piercing the midnight air, drilling itself into a nearby tree. Another arrow seemed to pass them as well. Alcumar lifted his hand, revealing a bleeding wound on his left hand. Suddenly the area was lit up, when Alcumar shot a fireball down hill. A loud scream followed, and then... Silence.

Unity of Rivon
Dramiric, Mian and Alcumar
Chaos is the only constant


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Isam let the man talk. If he replied Alcumar would only begin hating him more, He didn't like the other man either. So full of his own power, so simple in his judgements, but he didn't really hate him. Hate was a useless emotion most of the time.

He wondered how this man could have lived this long without ever walking into a trap. Probably he would have been underestimated because he carried no weapons. When Alcumar stopped talking he saw him tensing. He could hear a samll group of persons trying to sneak through the forest. East.

He looked at Alcumar but he was staring to the east. "Droben, a few meters down hill" How did he know they where Droben. It did not matter at this moment. In battle there was no room for doubt and very little for caution

"Fool stand back, you might hurt yourself"

Why did he shout. Why did he betray their position? He had no time to think, because when the fireball was leaving their campsite toward the droben, Isam dashed off in the other direction, where he had heard another group of, probably Droben, coming their way.

When he jumped into the group of Drobens, he saw their surprise. They had obviously not expected them to notice them. He finished off a few before they could fight back. To his surprise he saw Bassilus fighting at his side. Why had he followed him? He could not have known why he went this way so quickly.

Then Isam hear a scream of rage and saw a fireball fly their way. Quickly he put up his hand. The blast droned in his ears, but the fire raged past him and Bassilus. The dead were burning and the few Droben who were not dead were burning alive.

"I think Alcumar didn't know what we were doing down here." Isam said and he walked up the slope of the hill toward their campsite.

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He somehow felt the taint of evil compared with the sound of galloping horses. Dwarves are known for their great senses, and this was once more proven. But how did those other two know the coming of those Droben, and how did Alcumar know, a guess or could he smell them....

There was no time to think, he grabbed 'the Whistler' firm in his hands and ran on his small, stocky but powerfull legs to the approaching Droben. He ran with Isam over twigs on the ground, but you couldn't hear them. A small trick only Warrios knew, and few dwarven warriors, cause they aren't that lenient, but Bassilus was a good scummer and stalker. He ran with Isam and when he engaged, he heard a loud whissle.


And in the end he heard a loud explosion, he ducked and when he stood up and saw the remainings of some still burning Droben

Bloody Sorcies..... they don't fight.... blood and bloody ashes

That was one lesser point of Dwarves, they are terrible in sorcery, they aren't lenient and their Charisma is less than a farmer standing in front of a Queen.

But he was lenient.... for a dwarf. Together with this rough but righteous Isam such as him that maybe could wield magic and this dark man which had proven that he could, he understand more and more why Isonia had chosen them.

Good job Isam, you're quick, silent and efficient in battle..... and you Sorcie, what the hell was that... Very useful, and very impressive. i don't know how you did it, nor I like you bloody sorcery tricks, but I now know a sorcerer who fights on my side, and maybe that changes the whole idea

ghe ghe ghe...

Well let's sit and discuss what we will do and how, when will we march, when will the world fear Isonia once more, when will the Droben know their place once more... When will the way of strongest rule once more... let's spread Chaos

He saw their faces and remebered a small song and smiled... and laughed roughly

The lions sing, and the hills take flight,
The moon by day, and the sun by night,
Blind woman, Deaf man, Jackdaw fool,
Let the lord of Chaos rule

He grimaced and took a swig of his beer, and heard the grunting of Copper. This was life and soonm this song will spread, and Isonia would be the Lord of Chaos, well Lady of Chaos.... and he grimaced again.

Ich bin alleine, doch nicht allein. Ich kann mit mir zusammen sein.
The Red Dragon will consume your soul, and 'the Whistler' your flesh
RoD and NV


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The last few droben came running up the hill towards him, it could not have been more then maybe three of them. "You should know when you are defeated" The first droben reached him, but fell to the ground like he was pressed down. The other two fell down right next to the other one. One by one he heard their bones break. Until only one of them was still alive, suddenly the force pressing him down was gone, the droben tried to stand up but he had no breath yet.

"As i said, people should know when they are defeated" "Never!" "You are loyal to Foret arnt you?" "Foret is the only true god for me" Alcumar walked towards the tall tired droben and sat down next to him. "Where did you come from?" "I am not going to tell you" "The more you think about it, the clearer it becomes my dear friend. Who sent you here?" "The duke of Erindwar sent me" "Although i am not local, I know that there is no duke of Erindwar. You'd have to come up with something better" Alcumar stretched out his hand towards Isam. "May i use your dagger?"

"You see droben, although i cant read your mind that well, i think you are going to read it out loud for me" "Never" The droben had regained some of his strenght and tried to stand up, but Alcumar drove the dagger into the drobens upper arm, forcing him back to the ground again. "I wouldnt do that. No wait, i would. With a little more succes though" The droben tried not to show his pain, but he screamed when Alcumar removed the dagger from his arm. A lot of blood poored from the poor droben's arm. Alcumar quickly sealed the wound with a small flame. Again the droben cried of pain. "There is no way out, accept for the way up ofcourse. Which will come sooner or later... It all depends on you" "I dont know where the order came from" "Lets hear till how far you know it" "We are just patrolling these hills" "I doubt that, you dont attack innocent campers every day do you?" Alcumar didnt want to wait very long for a proper answer and drove the dagger into the droben's leg. "This is what happens when you lie" "Im sorry, but we were patrolling" "Somehow, i can sense you are not willing to tell me. Perhaps this will help" This time the dagger pierced the backside of the droben's knee. "At least you wont run away anymore. No wait, you wouldnt've came far anyhow" "I'll die with my knowledge" "Where did you come from?" "I'll never tell" "I must say, you have been a brave little droben. Farewell. When i find your friends, and dont worry i will, I will tell them you screamed like a little baby while I slowly killed you. You were valuable to me, make sure Foret remembers that when you meet him" Alcumar thrust the dagger into the droben's other leg and turned it around a few times. "Now you must say farewell to this cruel world, the time of light has passed and now it is time to go to sleep. Forever sleep. Foret is a coward, he will not save you... Fold your hands, follower of Foret. Know that Isonia conquered you, it is not to late to embrace her, although it is a little to late to remain here. But she will protect you up there. Now go my friend, rest in agony" Alcumar lay down his hand on the droben's face slowly pushing the life out of him, until its entire skull collapsed under the pressure.

"They are weak of mind, we will go to his master tomorrow. It is not ver far from here. But we should rest now"

Unity of Rivon
Dramiric, Mian and Alcumar
Chaos is the only constant


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Slowly the shadow of the day engulfed the land below. The cool glow of darkness disapeard back into the forest of Erindwar where it had came from and the cries of the creatures of the night slowly faded away. The eternal circle had begun once more with the rising of the golden disk in the autumn sky.

The singing of the birds wasnt quite as pleasant as the cries of the half elves. But as with all things, there is a down side. "Although it is not far to the droben castle, we'd better go now. The hills are not the easiest of terrains you will ever encounter" Alcumar did not wait for the others to follow him, either they would or they wouldn't. It didnt really make any difference to him. The only thing he could think about was Isonia, he had to carry out her orders. Like a hunter, who stalks his prey until he is ready for the kill, never ever leaving it out of sight, not for even a second. Like the bee, who never stops his quest for honey, striking everyone who comes in its way. That was what he felt like, he would stop at nothing to totally eradicate the droben pest.

"Just a reminder, you two don't know where they are hiding"

Slowly a large fortress, half imbedded into the mountain wall, revealed itself. When the last of the suns rays tried to hold on to it, but they were losing ground, fast. The sign of Foret was printed proudly on the large wooden gate, which was guarded by as few as two nubash with large halberds. The wooden doors behind them must have been about two times the size of a nubash. The rest of the outer walls of the fortress looked as nice as Bassilus' hog, Copper on a bloody sunday.

"Well, lets wait for nightfall. I don't really like the amount of archers on the walls, but they shouldn't pose any threat at night. Or do you want to wait for more help?"

Unity of Rivon
Dramiric, Mian and Alcumar
Chaos is the only constant

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