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Author Reasons for gangbanging? (debate/questions)

Posted: 2002-06-08 16:55     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Gerien, your point in quoting me lock stock and barrel was?

and I disagree that if you don't run 4 kingdoms because of personal time constraints that is ok to call your big brother, little brother, sister, mum, dad, cousin, aunty, husband, wife, next door neighbour, or joe blow down the street to deal with someone you are losing a war to

If you only have time to play one you only play one, if you get creamed you do what Imancarrot does, have a load of stickies on his screen with names and numbers.

Dark Temptress


Posted: 2002-06-08 18:09     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
You'll be the first one on my list, my dear.

Oh - and I was being too lazy to cut and paste.

We did have a really good 1v1 war going, though. Shame.

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Posted: 2002-06-08 20:58     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Hey Tork,
Be nice or I will Clobber you with some Cheese !!!! Yes you read it right, Clobber Cheese !!

I am over the bitching part, now Bat and I are just having a chat about how we both choose to play !

I do have alot of respect for Bat, and I do understand his current state of mind. It just took me by suprise the way he reacted to me taking out his King realm.
It was not at all what I had always thought it would be.
He could have at least gave me a cuddle when he was done !!

( and of course, I kept going back for more !! )

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Posted: 2002-06-08 22:48     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
I have a question and it does not involve cheese or bitchin.

If someone attacks one of my kingdoms with only one of his/hers, and I then clobber him/her with my other three kingdoms. Is that gangbanging?

Because I dont mind banging, but Gangbanging that just nasty.

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Posted: 2002-06-09 00:40     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Profit, Voice Augustine would say it is not gangbanging. In fact in the time I have been in this forum it is the only thing I have seen the Voice get really upset over.

We are Allowed up to four realms, if you choose to retail with four that is your choice.

If someone aviaried you and asked for a 1 vs 1 then its your choice as to whether you do that or bring others of your quad into the fray.

Gerien check your private messages please.

Dark Temptress


Posted: 2002-06-09 06:21     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
If you hit someone with all four of your realms, that is well within the rules.
Its just that some people like to hit with only one realm, .more of a challenge that way.

In return, they want to get hit back by only one realm.

Kalena has brought up something that never occurred to me, to send a scribe asking for a 1 vs 1 war.

If you do that, then you wont have to listen to people like me whine so much !!

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Posted: 2002-06-09 08:55     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote

What do you do if you have some wanker who builds up his realms just to hit you and if you retaliate back will carry on the same tedious process without any intention of becoming king or anything.....and then sends scribes about build again and counter etc....

I mean you could say kill him and stop whining....but then he will just keep coming back......Is it me or does anybody think the maximum turns should be knocked down to about 130 - 150 then speed would be wicked....I know they have it set at 400 so new people understand that there is no real defence for anything and so have to pay to get into games which have a lot of skill in...But i Have to say to the evernight admin that i have about 2 months of pay and yet im only playing this free version....Why because id rather have loads of turns per hour than no fucking turns per hour....In Outcast it was 5 turns per hour....So 24 hours from using your turns you knew you would have full turns....With 4 tph i have to say it makes teh game boringly slow and then when you get hit it just adds to the tedious nature of the game.....that 1 extra turn means you can work a routine out on when to login and play....Seeing as i work i cant very well just wait a day and a half before i get full turns it mess's with my life style...So basically until it moves to 5 turns i wont really play any of the paid games and quite frankly Speed is starting to get boring real quickly so i may not even bother playing at all.......

and then thats a customer gone and a few of my mates will stop playing after that as well...as they feel the same way.....So thats customers lost but right now its just customers unhappy...

Anyhow just thought id voice my opinion......about turns etc...I thought id do it in this thread seeing as its getting a little attention....

A pretty bored and pissed of Brodicus...


Posted: 2002-06-09 09:16     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote

Oh and another thing, I have to say the setup for amount of troops on the land is shite isnt it....I mean if a Vamp or Elemental realm is supposed to be better for Scum and sorc how come Droben realms can beat it by having overwealming troops in a small amount fo land...its absalutely rediculous...

Also how come the fog spell is still active when you take somebodies temples out so example...

they have 33k acres of land and you take em down to about 100 temples...there is no way that there fog is an option to your opponent and surely the spell must become inactive.....and yet the fog still decides to crop up when you attack....

a friend of mine scumm killed somebody who's temples were down to 56 he got 10 fogs in a row and he had about 1600 temples....How the fuck does that make any sense.....

It doesnt does it.....

Things have to be sorted methinks...

GO -->

Voice Augustine

Posted: 2002-06-09 11:05     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote

On 2002-06-09 00:40, Kalena wrote:
Profit, Voice Augustine would say it is not gangbanging. In fact in the time I have been in this forum it is the only thing I have seen the Voice get really upset over.

~nods and smiles~

She is correct. It is a huge peeeeeeave!!!! of mine. You have 4 kingdoms to play...you may use them any which way you like and it is NOT gangbanging. I don't want to hear about it. I really don't like it being called gangbanging because it misleads people into believing that's what it is. There is NO bringing in friends to help. That's what I want to hear about. Obvious organized multi account *READ ACCOUNTS not REALMS* hitting. I see absolutely no need for it in Speed...but some people aren't operating with a full deck.

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Posted: 2002-06-10 03:56     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote

I attack as i wish, with as many kingdoms as i wish, If some fool has 100k acres defenceless, do you dare tell me to hit him with only one kingdom? because he was a fool to be defenceless?

Does this game require safeguards to keep people being only half destroyed????

You people are mad!

If i want to waste 1600 turns to destroy a king, i will. If it is only 100 turns played on that kingdom, so be it.


Posted: 2002-06-10 06:22     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote

I think the overall question in here is....Who lacks teh talent to be able to take a realm with 1 kingdom if it has full turns....?

I know i have used 2 due to lack of turns but never any more...if i have 400 i usually find i attack 1 realm down to a shitty level...then i scum kill what remains with another realm and move my origional realm onto the next kingdom....thats how i go into full scale attacks....and it only shows 1 of my realms even though i will have beaten 2...which gives me a wicked advantage...


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Posted: 2002-06-10 06:49     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
HMMMmmm... I disagree with you for once Brodicus

when I attack I have often four or more opponents, I don't finish them. But when somone is to big and you can not take him in your own, than I use some other realms of mine, especially with retalliations. I often take one with one, so he can do something back which is more fun for both, but it is also another challenge.

I mean you have to scout someone and see if he is allied and in what state his allies are, or face the consequences.

But I see your point and if someone comes to you with four realms and finishes you in one stroke so you can not do a thing back, it's not fun and not necessary, a pity...

But than you have anotehr challenge, finish those lads and send them a lovely msg about it

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Posted: 2002-06-10 10:38     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote

Hmmm lets see if i can get you to agree again...:-P

I attack a realm with 1 of mine and 400 turns available...But i have got myself down to 8 turns per hit......So i stop....Now unfortunately i am still at war with that realm, so attacking other realms is a problem...

Hence the undercover realm that quickly finishes it off...basically the realm is gone anyway it doesnt have any power at all so i finish it with a hidden realm so i can shift my strong attacking realm onto something else.....

its either that or the opponent has to delete his realm and make a new name up...with my way of attacking they get to restart th realm and keep the name :-P

Does any of that make any sense....


Posted: 2002-06-10 12:36     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Hehe, things never change, do they LOL

I just made some kingdoms to hunt down my special Boston friend for always attacking my king over in Castaway.

Herc, ole bugger, what abaout a lil mail, or a lil scribe LOL ;) I am sure you know where to find me.

BUT, where can I find your realms, there are sooo much ::starts looking around::

HEY, Brodi old friend, I have never heard anything of sense from you ::slaps back:: ... but yeah this time it sounds reasonable, but I would prefer to build a bit on the land you got before searching for the next target

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Posted: 2002-06-12 08:59     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
LOL... Well that is something totally different, I enjoy attacking friends of my work or guilds. Just to see how they are doing, or make a plan to retalliate on someone who is wayyy to big.

So from that view I disagree with you brodicus, just like the view of the Parking attendents, they are my heroes, but from another view... the fun war view I agree. It is much more fun and honourful (not that I play to be honourful, in fact I like the more shadowside of it but there are rules and feelings and this feels right ;) to play this way. And I think most of the people think so, but not all do it.

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Posted: 2002-06-12 13:55     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
really don't like it being called gangbanging because it misleads people into believing that's what it is. There is NO bringing in friends to help.

Ironically, this is the major difference in Castaway and Turmoil (in general). Castawayers say gangbanging is hitting with superior numbers. Turmoil say gangbanging is when you hit with another person. It all depends on how you class the word. And since our Voice is also presiding in Turmoil, she has a set view of what gangbanging is. Amusing really, if asked whether getting hit by 4 kdms of the same guy or 2 by different people, I'd say they were both gangbanging. I never said it was against the rules in this game.

However, it seems my starting this thread has made most of it degenerate into a bitchfest. Well damn, so much for interesting debate.

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Posted: 2002-06-13 01:38     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
well basillus has hit 1 of my kingdom and i dont complain coz theres a lot others who hit me too

instead ill put them in my death list and kill whoever attacks me


Posted: 2002-06-13 04:57     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Yes a bitchfest it is now.
Let me try to bring some unbitching.

Gangbanging to me is when you are attacked with more kingdoms than you can retaliate against.
Say if you have one and you are hit with 4. That would be it,
but if you have 4 and one of yours is hit with 4, then it would not be.

That is just in my eyes though.
The reasons I think are really lack of ability to be able to handle a decent one on one.
That is all it boils down to.
Lack of skill.

Castaway is different, no matter how much skill you have, you cannot defend yourself.

Speed you can.

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Posted: 2002-06-14 21:40     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
it's quad against quad. If you don't like it, get over it. I use all the resources at my disposal to defeat my enemy. If he's too stupid not to, then it's his problem.

It's gangbanging to me when you involve multiple players. That blows. If you can't do it with 4 then you're drain bamaged.


Posted: 2002-06-15 02:15     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Yup yup dreadd

But the war isn't that much fun is it???

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