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Author Warthread number 7, it's kind of like heaven.

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Sorry Man you were slow.

Carry on all.

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I restarted. Four kingdoms and me without a computer for two days before I finally got killed. hehe

I'm comin' back up the scrolls, peeps!

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I hit Flatty.. well because he gangbanged my 2.8 mil nw dom to death earlier in the age, and like a elephant I never forget :D

I seemed to do ok out of it.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

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plah. Some wanker scum killed my Rank 7 vampire.
Guess I shouldnt expect some try to acctually -fight- me. when they can go for an easy kill.
I woulda had more scum..but..I couldnt fit any more on my land ;P only about 12K being as I was chok full o forts. Pleh..considering Vampire are supposed to be good scummers...It sure is hard to build up a lot of thieves. they're so damned expensive and take up prolly twice the room on yer land as droben thieves.

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I mostly war, myself, unless all my other kdms are at war already or I need to finish someone off because they annoy me (right, Sylvas? lol)

Currently at war in 3/4 kdms I think, including one with Kalena.

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i'm not playing speed any more, so it's no big deal mate : )

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Actually Kalena started #7 with a very clever title. I'm instructed to close the duplicate thread and this would be it.


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