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Multinational Brigade Northeast

Multinational Brigade - Northeast is deployed in the northern region of Kosovo and has its headquarters in Mitrovica. Since January 28th 2003, the MNB (NE) Commander is French General Michel Klein.

Two features of MNB (NE)'s AOR (Area of Responsibility) are very important. On the one hand, northern Kosovo is the economic heart of Kosovo as the TREPCA'S Kombinat illustrates; on the other hand, MNB (NE)'s AOR is also the most multiethnic area. According to the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe), as of September 2002, there are approximately 330,500 inhabitants in MNB (NE)'s AOR: 263,000 Kosovar Albanians; 59,000 Kosovar Serbs; and about 8,500 from other ethnic groups.
Although the MNB (NE)'s AOR is the most multiethnic one in Kosovo, statistics show that it has the lowest crime rate. There have been no significant inter-ethnic problems since February 2001. The vast majority of the population aspires to living in peace and to contributing to the efforts of KFOR (Kosovo Forces) and UNMIK (United Nations Mission in Kosovo) in rebuilding Kosovo.

KFOR is represented by:

  • 5 French battalions and a unit of the French gendarmerie :
    • The command and support battalion (BCT)
    • The French battalion (BATFRA), Motorized rifle and mechanized infantry
    • The combat support battalion. (BATAPPUI)
    • The engineer battalion (BATGEN)
    • The logistic battalion (BATLOG)

  • 1 Belgian battalion soldiers from Luxembourg, 1 Rumanian Company and 1 Ukrainian company
  • 1 Danish battalion including 1 Lithuanian company
  • 1 Moroccan hospital based in Mitrovica that's dedicated to providing medical assistance to the civilian population. It is composed of doctors, nurses and soldiers, reinforced by a company whose mission is to secure the minority communities in south Vucitrn/Vushtri.
  • 1 Greek battalion

The mission of MNB (NE) is to:

  • Establish and maintain a secure environment.
  • Monitor, verify the Military Technical Agreement (MTA).
  • Provide assistance to UNMIK, in order to facilitate peace and stability in Kosovo

  • On the security side, the brigade provides patrols, checkpoints, escorts and intelligence by an efficient layout of troops that allows a permanent contact with the population so as to anticipate or to react with determination.

  • On the civilian-military cooperation side, the brigade acts in close cooperation with international and non-governmental organizations through its CIMIC (Civil Military Co-operation). The CIMIC notably provides medical assistance to the population and transports goods and food to isolated villages. It also takes part in the rebuilding of infrastructures by providing supplies and expertise.

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