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Planning Meetings
Emergency Spokescouncil meeting, 8:30pm the night before the action
What is a Spokescouncil?

What is "the night before"?
If the US strikes before 7pm, we will have a meeting that night. If they strike after 7pm, we will have the meeting the next night. If they strike on Friday, we will have the meeting on Sunday night.

Meeting Location: If not on a Monday night, the meeting will take place at St. Boniface Church, 133 Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco. If a Monday night, it will be at the Women's Building, 3543 18th Street, SF.


Get ready to take to the streets by attending a nonviolent direct action training. See the Training Schedule Here

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Contact Us
(415) 820-9649

Email List (medium volume)

Media: (510) 982-7317

Working Groups (volunteers needed!)

Do you need a place to stay the night before the action? Do you have room for people to stay at your house? Visit our housing board

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If the War Starts, the Next Business Day We Call for Mass, Nonviolent Direct Action in Downtown San Francisco. No Business as Usual! Meet 7am at Justin Herman Plaza in SF.
Emergency mass non-violent direct action protest planned for 7am the morning of the next Business Day after the US strikes. Meet at Justin Herman Plaza, San Francisco.

Transform our city from Profit and War into Life and Resistance! -- shut down the corporate warmakers!
[download info flyer]

Emergency spokescouncil meeting planned for 8:30pm the night before the action -- check left nav for more details and location info

Anti-War Protesters Blockade Market Street
March 14 -- More Than 70 Arrested in Downtown San Francisco. Market Street Blocked for Over 2 Hours.
Today Direct Action to Stop the War launched their national call for ongoing non-violent civil disobedience until the Bush Administration ceases their plans to invade Iraq.

Hundreds rallied in front of the Pacific Stock Exchange and over 70 arrests were made as protesters blocked nearby streets and intersections. Warren Langley, former president of the Pacific Stock Exchange, was one of the people arrested.

Our Goals
1) If the government and corporations won’t stop the war, we’ll shut down the warmakers! We will impose real economic, social and political costs and stop business as usual until the war stops. We are publicly declaring and organizing mass nonviolent direct action now, before war begins, with the express intention of deterring a war against Iraq and future wars.

2) Assert our power to transform our city from profits, oil and war to resistance and life! We will create an open, welcoming, inspiring space that gives voice to the anti-war majority as an assertion of real democracy.

3) Uproot the system behind the war (and behind the war at home—racism, poverty…); help catalyze mass movements to challenge corporate and government power and create socially just, directly democratic, ecological, peaceful alternatives.

Action Menu
We are asking affinity (action) groups to choose an item from the menu. Take over and transform one of the following key intersections and corporate and government offices/buildings. Or join the "Take Out" mobile Bikes not Bombs actions. Or plan your own action and menu item. Attend the weekly spokescouncil meeting to coordinate and help organize.

On the business day the morning after war starts you may wish to just go directly to a "menu" location. Otherwise go to Main and Market where people will come out to support the actions. There are many ways to reclaim, transform, occupy or blockade spaces. Sit-ins, street parties, lockdown, objects, performance, street murals, gardening, large sculpture, die-ins…

Plan Ahead. Invite everyone you know. We will have fliers and encourage everyone to make an effort to talk to, diffuse or get support from those who get stuck on their way to work, school or other business.

National Call to Action
Direct Action to Stop the War (San Francisco Bay Area) call on other cities to organize widespread noncooperation; Instead of going to work or school, we call on everyone to resist this war by particpating in or supporting mass nonviolent direct action, particularly focussed on the corporations, financial districts and other institutions involved in the war.