Meeting MPEG-4 advanced audio coding requirements
December 20, 2001 Source:

MPEG-4 audio does not require a single or small set of highly efficient compression schemes but rather a complex toolbox to perform a wide range of operations from low-bit-rate speech coding to high-quality audio coding and music synthesis

Hitachi fashions multibit cell for 1-Gbit flash chip
December 12, 2001 Source: EETIMES.COM

TOKYO Hitachi Ltd. has developed a flash memory cell that overcomes the slow write speeds of other cells able to store multiple bits. The company said it will apply the technology to create 1-Gbit flash chips and a 1-Gbyte card with a 10-Mbyte per second writing speed that it will bring to market within a year

Mobile Devices: Building DSP Engines for Wireless Video Apps
December 11, 2001 Source: CommsDesign

Imagine a world where you could wirelessly deliver video content to your PDA. While this sounds like a fantasy to many end users, the wireless designcommunity is priming itself to offer these kinds of services. To get there, designers must first tackle MPEG-4 processing.

Mobile Devices: Turning On Mobiles To MPEG-4
December 11, 2001 Source: CommsDesign

Mobile phone manufacturers are still unsure about which services end users will look for in emerging 3G products. But one thing they are betting on iswireless video using the MPEG-4 streaming video protocol. When you factor in the complexity of encoding and decoding MPEG-4 video streams, designersquickly realized adding mobile video is not an easy task.

MPEG-4: Video's new frontier
December 11, 2001 Source: Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal

It took decades for plain old analog video to make the leap to digital, but now, only months after gaining widespread popularity in the consumer electronics market, that current-generation digital standard is starting to feel a little dated

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