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Background of Philip V. W. Dodds

Project Analyst with Randall House Associates, Inc., and Adjunct staff member of the Institute for Defense Analyses, Philip V.W. Dodds is the Chief Architect of the DoD's Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative. 

Philip V. W. Dodds was president and CEO of the Interactive Multimedia Association (IMA) from 1992 until May, 1997 when IMA transferred its membership and projects to the Software Publishers Association (SPA). 


The IMA was the leading trade association devoted to the promotion of the  fast-growing multimedia industry. 

IMA was globally recognized for its work on key industry issues, ranging from intellectual property protection to the establishment of industry standards, and its initiatives to reduce barriers to the widespread use of interactive multimedia technologies.

Mr. Dodds was a key figure in the IMA since its inception in 1987, having served as a member of the Board of Directors and an elected officer. Having held various positions within the association, he began full-time involvement as the IMA Compatibility Project Director in March 1992. 

In 1983, Mr. Dodds founded Visage, Inc., a developer and manufacturer of multimedia products, including interactive video systems, digital audio products, development tools, and system software. He served as President, Chairman and CEO of Visage before joining Randall House Associates in 1989. 

Prior to founding Visage, Mr. Dodds served as Vice-President R&D, of Kurzweil Music, during the development of Kurzweil's first digital keyboard products. 

Previously, Mr. Dodds had been Vice-President of Engineering for ARP Instruments, Inc., a leading manufacturer of professional music instruments. Under his leadership, ARP produced the first electronic keyboard that connected to Apple and IBM PC computers, a forerunner of today's MIDI standard.

Tim Weisberg and Philip Dodds ~ 1975

Following the sale of ARP to CBS, Inc., Mr. Dodds became Director of Engineering, Music Division, at CBS, where he was responsible for electric keyboard research and development for Fender Rogers Rhodes. 

Can you name the film? -- and the year?


Mr. Dodds still plays music from time to time and loves to sail when he and his wife Sue have a chance.

(right) Philip and Sue Dodds share an exciting sail on the Swan River near Perth Australia.                 

Mr. Dodds is the editor of "The Digital Multimedia Cross-Industry Guide", published by Focal  Press (1995). 

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