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 Gaia News

2003-02-11 16:35:00 

GAIA Online is the Newest Community-based Anime and Videogame Resource Site on the web. Here you can gain access to a huge archive of Anime and Videogame related links via our link list, converse with other fans through our forums and chat rooms, show off your artistic skills in our online Art Arena, and customize your own personal avatar for use all throughout the site!

GAIA Online is currently in the Alpha Testing phase, so we would very much appreciate your feedback to make this site more user friendly and enjoyable to you. To make sure you get the full experience, please register before you begin. Registration is absolutely free. Enjoy!

2003-03-20 08:03:36 
New Server!

Over the last 24 hours Gaia has been off and on as the new server was configured and integrated into the system. Due to the inconvenience, each user was awarded a bit of gold to make up for the lost day. Please check the announcements section in the forum for more details.

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