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main table of contents

All works written, drawn, and produced by Patrick Farley

Delta Thrives
2002 and beyond
Barracuda: The Scotty Zaccharine Story
2002 weekly strip.
keywords: a look back on the rise and fall of Dot Com San Francisco.
warnings: too late to be a post-mortem, too early to be nostalgic.

The Spiders
2001 (in progress: next episode in summer 2002)
keywords: afghanistan, bin laden, taliban, robots, webcams, [cheap, fast, & out of control], second variety.
warnings: violence, drug use, english swear words, religously offensive

1999 - 2001 (in progress: next episode in summer 2002)
keywords: apocalypse, revelation, anime, manga, pokemon, 666, armageddon.
warnings: mass destruction, violence, sex, english swear words, religously offensive

The Jain's Death
keywords: jains, jainism, reincarnation, space arks
warnings: violence

The Guy I Almost Was
keywords: cyberculture, early nineties, recession, poverty, mondo2000
warnings: nudity, english swear words, boring cultural references

Chrysalis Colossus
keywords: victorian, psychedelia, larry jordan, karel ziehman, butterfly effect, posthuman
warnings: drug use, pan-species sex, nudity

keywords: shamanism, carlos castaneda meets starbucks inc.
warnings: drug use, nudity, english swear words, possibly religiously offensive

Rush Limbaugh Eats Everything
keywords: rush limbaugh, conservatism, rainforest, saving america from moral decay
warnings: violence, nudity, scat humor, english swear words, religiously offensive

keywords: paganism, christmas, yule, winter solstice, horned god
warnings: nudity, sex, religiously offensive; not very well drawn

Overheard at the Rave
keywords: that comic about the raver girl and her dad that was probably forwarded to you on a mailing list
warnings: none! clean family entertainment

Thanksgiving Special
or, "How Nature's Turkey® Came to Inhabit the Abandoned Industrial Park"

keywords:thanksgiving, genetic engineering, gmo, hybridoma, viridian
warnings: may cause loss of appetite

Terrors of the Night
keywords: halloween, childhood terror, monsters, bedwetting, trilogy of terror, generation x, zuni warrior fetish doll
warnings: bodily fluids, sexual references, boring cultural references

All of these works are dedicated to the memory of my sister Melanie

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