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Most Active
1 Compiere ERP + CRM Business Solution
2 phpMyAdmin
3 Gaim
4 XboxMediaPlayer
5 Tiki
6 Hibernate
7 POPFile - Automatic Email Classification
8 eMule for Linux
9 zenTrack
10 MegaMek

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Top Downloads
1 eMule
2 Dropline GNOME
3 CDex
4 VirtualDub
5 JBoss.org
6 DC++
7 BitTorrent
8 jEdit Plugin Central
9 Smart package of Microsoft's core fonts
10 CLISP - an ANSI Common Lisp

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Latest News
SoX 12.17.4 released
    cbagwell - 2003-03-24 06:32   -   SoX - Sound eXchange
SoX is meant to be the Swiss Army Knife of sound processing utils. It can convert audio files to other popular audio file types and also apply sound effects and filters during the conversion. This release adds support for reading and writing MP3 files using the external libraries libmad and libmp3lame; and a number of bugfixes.
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FileZilla 2.1.5 released
    botg - 2003-03-24 06:29   -   FileZilla
FileZilla is a fast FTP client for Windows with a lot of features. This release provides a number of new features and bugfixes.
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NAT Monitor (natmonitor) v 0.5 STABLE relased
    thedayofcondor - 2003-03-24 06:28   -   NAT Monitor
A graphical monitor to keep tracks of hosts bandwidth usage in a Linux-NAT network. It autodetect hosts and has a nice summary statistic. Now critical parts are complete. Program will still remain in alpha state for a while, but seems stable and working.
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TM4J 0.8.2 released
    kal_ahmed - 2003-03-24 06:27   -   TM4J
This is the latest stable release of TM4J. Primarily this release is a bug-fix release. A number of bugs in the tolog query processing were fixed. TM4J is a topic map engine implemented entirely in Java. Topic maps are a standard paradigm for the interchange of knowledge structures. This project aims to produce a complete suite of tools for creating, processing and publishing topic map information.
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Audacity sound editor 1.1.3 beta
    dmazzoni - 2003-03-21 07:45   -   Audacity
Audacity 1.1.3 is the latest development snapshot of Audacity, a multitrack sound editor for MacOS, Linux and Windows. Version 1.1.3 includes a mixer toolbar for directly controlling the hardware input and output levels and recording source, gain and pan controls in every track, improved audio I/O with lower latency, higher quality resampling, and more. Audacity's project files now use standard AU files, so they can be read by other programs, but unfortunately this version of Audacity cannot open project files written by previous versions of Audacity.
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