Hi Im RJ an investigative news reporter. Ive been asking questions all my life.  As members of We the People, we get to ask the questions. This is our country and these public servants must answer to us. Every day we get to impact our community.
         In Salt Lake City or on the Internet  you can catch my radio show on
k-talk Radio am 630.  I broadcast live from 6 to 7 am, Monday  thru Friday; and on Saturday and Sunday at 7 to 9 pm. If you have a guest you would like me to interview then leave a message on my phone 1-801-759-1581.
         I invite guests on my radio show who have experience or documentation on issues and events that effect our lives.  When we can, well make their source materials available to you. Go ahead, purchase their books or pamphlets and make up your own mind. If you happen to miss a show, you can buy the tape, here on my website.
       Sometimes, as I continue turning over rocks I locate a business or a technology that I feel you may want to check out.  Below are more details on my personal recommendations.

Keep Asking Questions,

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