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Statement by Rachel Corrie's parents | 18 March 2003
Craig and Cindy Corrie, parents of the ISM activist tragically killed in Gaza a few days ago, speak of their daughter and share with us her last messages. more ...

After Arafat, wishful thinking | 17 March 2003
Marwan Bishara comments on the proposed appointment of Abu Mazen as Prime Minister more ...

Palestinians caged in beach paradise | 16 March 2003
Bush's unveiling of a 'road map' for Middle East peace will bring hope to Arabs fenced in by Israel. Conal Urquhart reports from Al Mawasi in the Gaza Strip more ...

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Censorship by Waterstones
26 March 2003 | Muriel Hecht |


US general with Iraq role linked to hardline Israelis
26 March 2003 | | The Independent

The retired general named as civilian governor of occupied Iraq has visited Israel on a trip paid for by a right-wing group that strongly backs an American military presence in the Middle East. more...

More Palestinian children killed
26 March 2003 | | Palestine Monitor

Israeli soldiers last night shot and killed a 10 year old girl during their assassination of another Palestinian in Bethlehem. more...

More West Bank territory to be seized in fence construction
24 March 2003 | | Jordan Times

Israel's defence ministry wants to move a �separation� fence between Israel and the Palestinians further eastward to encompass a larger chunk of the West Bank and more Jewish settlements, a spokeswoman said Sunday. more...

Palestinians fear for their safety in upcoming days; demand guarantees from international community
19 March 2003 | | Palestine Monitor


Activist's memorial service disrupted
19 March 2003 | Chris McGreal | The Guardian

Israeli forces fired teargas and stun grenades yesterday in an attempt to break up a memorial service for Rachel Corrie, the American peace activist killed by an army bulldozer in Gaza on Sunday. more...

Urgent press release from Palestine
18 March 2003 | | Health, Development, Information Policy Institute (HDIP)

Palestinian leader says coming weeks could be bloodiest in history of Israeli-Palestinian conflict more...

9 Palestinians, including 3 children, killed by Israeli soldiers in the
17 March 2003 | | Palestine Monitor


Israeli soldiers kill American peace activist in Rafah
16 March 2003 | | Palestine Monitor


Israeli forces kill 10 Palestinian militants in Jenin attacks
15 March 2003 | Justin Huggler | The Independent

At least 10 Palestinian militants were killed in Israeli operations inside the West Bank yesterday. more...

These news articles are examples of bad and good media coverage. We only put them here to give you a chance to lodge complaints against articles that are distorted and to praise fair and accurate articles.

06 February 2003 | b | b
Carlton chief slams Pilger�s attack on Israel
20 September 2002 | Leon Symons | Jewish Chronicle

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28 March 2003

Birmingham PSC stall
29 March 2003

Leicester - film on the Gaza Strip
01 April 2003

Reading PSC stall
05 April 2003

Remembering and Resisting - Deir Yassin Day 2003
06 April 2003

Leicester - Deir Yassin commemoration
09 April 2003

EXETER: Video of the Dove and Dolphin humanitarian voyage to Gaza
19 April 2003

Free Palestine national rally, London
17 May 2003

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