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Tri State Dance Fest Report - March 21-23 Dubuque, Iowa w/Mary & Dean Faast, Event Directors
Eve Yeaton demos Guilty (Masters In Line) ... video clip courtesy of CJ -A dozen instructors showcased ~ 3 dozen dances and some were taught twice at this event. Check the Friday schedule, Saturday schedule, and Sunday schedule. Need video? email CJ.

We had The Time Of Our Lives in a small town in the USA ...Dubuque, Iowa (DBQ) just a few hours from SFO via MSP ...Have a dancin' friend livin' miles from you?...plan a line dance girl friend weekend ...multiple line dance festivals happen somewhere in the world every single month! Check John' Robinson's schedule ...he teachs everywhere you could ever want to be! AND while you are on John's web site his Love Struck Groove was a hit this past weekend in DBQ ...he debuts his 31st of April in Denver first weekend in April! I just happened to see him demo this smooth nightclub two-step rhythm dance ...32 counts, but 44 movements! John also taught The Time of Our Lives (Juliet Hauser) in Ft. Wayne, which explained why the floor was packed for this dance in DBQ! AND Shirley, I stand corrected ...the Billy Gilman music is John's preferred choice for doin' his Feel The Rush!!! All of John's dances can be found on his web site.

Peter Metelnick was unable to make the event, but his scheduled dances were taught. Instructors pitched in ... see one, do one, teach one! Sometimes the teach was a collaboration, but the step sheet rules! This event features the 'Best of Show' from the HUGE Ft. Wayne line dance event held 3 weeks prior. Missouri instructors Larry & Tracey Harmon publish the workshop packets (in .pdf format) from all the events they attend ...including all the sheets from the Ft. Wayne Dance Team Showdown on their Rebels and Rogues web site and then click on 'Dances' and scroll to the bottom of that page.

One Mississippi (Barry Amato) packed the floor and was taught here by Mark Cosenza is an easy intermediate dance done to a new country sound from a brand new artist to read Jill King's bio and take a listen to her singing One Mississippi.

Scott Blevins taught Over You (The Lady in Black) in the main ballroom and Guilty (Masters In Line) to a capacity crowd on the small parquet floor in a very warm lower room of the circa 1870 hotel. That workshop floor was so full and the teach so hard that I was having a terrible time until Illinois Instructor Eve Yeaton joined the back third of the floor and helped us out by calling the steps ...and dancin' it along with us. Eve is one fine dancin' Woman! We MADE her do a vanilla for the Guilty demo clip ...but this woman can out dance any DUDE!
It was blustery cold outside, but more then toasty hot inside our rooms ...and the plumbing held occasional surprises ...but the main Julien Inn parquet ballroom was cooled just right if you were dancin'. The DJ played music, one tune right after another with an occasional dance called out. The dancers who recognized the first cords of music got to dance front row ...most of the time I was lucky to find a dance spot in the back after recognizing the first 16 counts of a pattern ...sometimes it took an entire round before I could join in ...River of Dreams (Charlotte Skeeters) filled the floor ...I was sitting down the back and even had to dance back row cause the stampede was so great on the first notes of the music! I am still working on Rob Fowler's Stop It ...and the music is not yet in my memory ...but the steps are! As soon as I recognized the pattern each night ...I had to fight for a spot on the floor!

Dances I recognized in open dancing: American Pop (Michele Burton), And They Danced, Body in Motion & Destination Dancefloor (Peter Metelnick), Anybody Wanna (The Lady In Black), City Limits & Chihuahua (Yvonne Anderson), Chill Factor (Whittaker/Westhead), Do Your Thing (max, kathy, barry & dari anne), Don't Stop (Doin' It), Splish Splash & Dizzy (Jo Thompson), Evergreen (Karen Hunt), Guilty (Masters In Line), Heeeree's Johnny (Michael Barr & Michele Burton), Green Door (Pat Stott), Have Fun Go Mad, Hella Dance and Cowgirls & Switches (Scott Blevins), Irresistible (Peter Metelnick/Alison Biggs), Islands In The Stream (Karen Jones), MJ Moves (Perron/Thompson), Love Struck Groove & Feel The Rush (John Robinson), One Mississippi (Barry Amato), Phloor Philla (Cody Stevens/Bryan McWherter), River of Dreams (Charlotte Skeeters), Splish Splash & Dizzy (Jo Thompson), Stop It & SXE (Rob Fowler), Sorrento (Perron/Perry), Weak In The Knees & Now or Never (Kathy Hunyadi) The Time Of Our Lives (Juliet Hauser), Too Funky For Me (Anderson/Cosenza/Pospieszny) and Trickle, Trickle (Michael Barr & Michele Burton) Need other sheets?...use  GOOGLE - Need video? email CJ.

Highlights: Die Hard Line Dancers ARE everywhere! We arrived Thursday nite just in case there was a 'pre event' social ....Wisconsin instructor Gale Erskine was busy doin' behind the scenes event setup but she had her lap top filled with mp3's sitting on the stage just for US ...two, and then more gathered! And We Danced til Midnight with instructor/and gracious host Debi Bodven who helped us remember steps we had forgotten. (Apologies Simon, we couldn't put all the steps together for your Larger Then Life, but we did give it a try!!) Wisconsin dancers I hope you appreciate that your lessons w/Debi & Gale are a true learning experience! (Debi Bodven and Gale Erskine's New York, New York won 3 place at last year's Tri State non country phrased choreography competition!)
The Friday nite social was interrupted every so often so that a future workshop dance could be demo'd ...that didn't kill the energy, so I was happy. The Saturday nite social was also interrupted with an awards ceremony (judges for the comps included: Scott Blevins, Kathy Hunyadi, Max Perry and John Robinson) and then again for a show featuring individual performances by the instructors, again no energy was lost and the social ended promptly at midnight.

Bottom Line: I had a great time, the dancers were friendly, especially the ones from Minnesota! The event went as scheduled and as long as you dressed for comfort, the venue was adequate. The restaurant at Bricktown was an easy 2 minute walk and their food, even their desserts were fabulous. The shopping was GOOD! Many little boutiques on the Square, and one wine tasting shop we over looked but discovered on the late nite snack run over to the Okay Dokey ...a private wine tasting party was in progress among some of the best looking hand painted margarita glasses I have ever seen!
Since Midnight on a Saturday nite is early for Die Hards ...Linda and I had a fun time dancing to live music at the local country bar located just across the street. By 2 am we were sitting at a coffee shop some 14 blocks from that bar (the waitress gave us great driving directions) sirloin and hash browns I've ever had at that hour! 


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