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The Intelligent Island


Ayers Island, shown above, is a 62 acre island located 2 miles from the University of Maine in Orono, Maine. It is in the process of being developed into a multi-use facility including high-tech incubation and public spaces.

The goal of this project would be to instrument the entire island including the 360,000 sq. ft. mill complex so that any potentially dangerous activity would be detected.

The Ayers Island development calls for a large meeting hall and amphitheater so groups of people of all sizes would mix at times on the island. The proximity to the town would permit experiments of intrusion detection from both land and water to take place. 

Proposed Technical Approach:

The problem will be approached by designing a network of sensors in each building and to blanket the island. This network will be connected to a distributed agent-based computer system that will monitor various aspects of people movement on the island.

Task 1: Design Sensor Net

Task 2: Design Agent-Based Software

Task 3: Deploy Sensor Net

Task 4: Develop Software

Task 5: Integrate and Test System



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