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Mr. Lif
I Phantom


A narrative-driven, graceful debut album from Boston's Lif, a rapper as incisive as early-Nineties X-Clan - and far more crucial in these depoliticized times.

(RS 908 - October 31, 2002)

Bad Card

Glimpse Of The Struggle

Return Of The B-Boy (Parts 1 & 2)

Live From The Plantation

New Man Theme

Hand Outs

Status (featuring Insight)

Success (featuring Aesop)

Daddy Dearest

The Now

Friends And Neighbors

Iron Helix (featuring Insight)

Earth Crusher

Post Mortem (featuring El-P/Jean Grae/Akrobatik)

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Average User Rating

Aorange writes:


Somewhat Disagreed with the RS Review devoted a tiny little paragraph to this album? There is no justice. "I Phantom" is shaping up to be quite a classic debut album. "I Phantom" is a concept album in that it follows a loose narrative structure. The liner notes describe it as "an exploration of the dynamics of everyday life, and the pursuit of our dreams, in a rapidly decaying society." And that's exactly what it is: delving into the struggle of underpaid 9-5 labor, class limitations, nuclear family structure, the dehumanizing of success, the development of the modern world, and the threat of nuclear warfare. Intelligent and sharp rhymes combined with innovative cyber-crunk beats - you should check it out.

{ Feb. 4, 2003 | Post 2 of 2 }


substanceJMU writes:


Somewhat Disagreed with the RS Review

As in the tradition of all great records off Def Jux, "I Phantom" is more of the same. The same, being a disc full of intricate production provided frequently by the ingenious El-P, and thought-provoking lyrics, combined for a true hip-hop head's favorite treat. "I Phantom" follows up the EP "Emergency Rations" with exactly what the doctor ordered. Tracks like "iron helix" featuring Insight and "return of the b-boy" show the deeply textured production that made albums like "Company Flow - Funcrusher Plus" into the standout it was when it dropped on Rawkus. This is a classic in the making. Don't sleep on Mr. Lif, you'll be sorry you did.

{ Oct. 10, 2002 | Post 1 of 2 }


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