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The BJ Experience

Oh no! Not Another Poll
What's your favorite song on the new BJ Experience CD?
The Party Must Go On (0)0%
Sweet Barry (1)5.88%
Greens (1)5.88%
Bloopy In The Kitchen... (1)5.88%
Junk In The Trunk (1)5.88%
Sophisticated Rock Chick (3)17.65%
I'm Just A Gringo (3)17.65%
You're Not A Man, You're A Jackass (0)0%
I Don't Wanna Party Without You (2)11.76%
If You Saw Tay On Anything It'll Taste Good (1)5.88%
Cut The Pickle (0)0%
Miss You (0)0%
Dance With Grandmama (0)0%
Love@Aol.com 2002 (4)23.53%
Right quiz answer:
Total of votes: 17