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Gerry Fogarty: Halifax Bedford Basin MLA since '93

Laurie Montgomery: Not re-offering for health reasons

Two Grits leave politics

By Christine Doucet / Staff Reporter

Two Liberals have added their names to the list of MLAs retiring from politics.

Halifax Bedford Basin MLA Gerry Fogarty and Annapolis MLA Laurie Montgomery said Sunday they won't run in the upcoming election.

While Mr. Montgomery attributed his decision to health problems, Mr. Fogarty said the prostate cancer for which he has been treated is not the reason he decided not to re-offer.

"I don't want anyone drawing the conclusion that I'm not well. I feel quite well," said Mr. Fogarty, who had surgery to remove the cancer five months ago.

"The doctors said the prognosis is excellent and the tests I've had following the surgery are all very encouraging. But I guess there are other reasons that I would call personal."

Mr. Fogarty didn't elaborate on those reasons. And Mr. Montgomery didn't want to comment on the nature of his illness.

"This is a continuing thing," Mr. Montgomery said. He said he has postponed some medical procedures because of his job in the legislature, and said the problem may become more serious if he doesn't get treatment now.

The retired teacher was just elected last March. Mr. Fogarty, a former CBC sports broadcaster, was elected in 1993.

Mr. Fogarty said he'll miss politics.

"It was a tremendous, very challenging experience and I've enjoyed it immensely. There have been ups and downs, but that is to be expected in any endeavour."

Neither man would say who they think may seek the Liberal nomination in their ridings.

Halifax regional councillor Bill Stone, who lives in Mr. Fogarty's riding, would not confirm Sunday rumours that he's interested in the job.

"At this point, I haven't been asked," Mr. Stone said. When asked whether he was thinking about it anyway, he said, "You can't think about something until you've been asked."

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