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How You Can Start Earning An On-Going Monthly Income On Autopilot With The Cash Ocean Affiliate Program!

Dear Entrepreneur,

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  • You actually want to learn how to make money as a Cash Ocean affiliate. If that's the case, read on...

The Cash Ocean affiliate program pays you the following commission:

1st tier = 25% / $7.49 of the monthly Inner Circle membership fee of $29.97.
2nd tier = 5% / $1.50 of the monthly Inner Circle membership fee.

Recently the Inner Circle sales page has been converting on average over 3.4% of visitors to buyers. Since the average member stays for six months, this means it earns over $3 for every visitor... that's extremely high.

To see the Inner Circle sales page you must have been referred by a Cash Ocean affiliate, we do not publicly advertise Inner Circle.

Cash Ocean affiliates promote Inner Circle in a different way than most affiliate programs. You won't get any banner ads, you won't be sending your traffic directly to the Inner Circle sales page and you won't be going for the instant cash up-front, one hit wonder sale.

What you will be doing is a slow sell that will take 11 days to complete. But the benefit is that the selling process is done completely automatically, and because it's a slow sell it means you're going to convert a lot more visitors into buyers.

Let me explain…

Over the last few months I've been testing various different ways to maximize membership to Inner Circle. The following is the only way you will be permitted to market Inner Circle.

Quite simply, the only way to make a good income online is to develop a relationship with your visitors and potential customers. In order to do that, you need to "give before you can get".

With that in mind here's all you need to do to start earning a decent monthly income on autopilot:

1. Create a sign-up form on a web page or pop-up (we'll give you the code) on your website for our free report "Double Your Way To A Million", known as the DYW report.

2. Announce to your customers, ezine subscribers and networks that you're giving them a free gift of the DYW report and drive them to the sign-up page. I'll give you the proven email message you should send out.

3. When they sign-up for the DYW report, they also receive a series of six other follow-up messages spread over 11 days (one every other day). Each message contains one high content article. At the bottom of the article is a classified advert inviting the subscriber to join Inner Circle. The link in that advert takes them to the Inner Circle sales letter and is automatically inserted with your unique affiliate link.

4. On day 11 they receive a hard sell final notice for joining Inner Circle with your affiliate link to click on.

Currently DYW sign-ups who join Inner Circle do so in the following way. I think you'll be able to see the importance of the slow sell strategy and the value of converting prospects over time rather than going for a quick sale by sending your visitors directly to the Inner Circle sales page:

36.60% join on Day One.
7.32 % join on Day Three.
7.32% join on Day Five.
14.61% join on Day Seven.
7.32% join on Day Nine.
26.83% join on Day Eleven (the last message that hard sells Inner Circle)

This simple strategy converts over 3% of DYW subscribers into Inner Circle members and generates a visitor value of over $3.

Over 60% of visitors to the DYW sign-up page subscribe, and as the figures show above you'll earn far more money than if you simply directed your traffic straight to the Inner Circle sales page. Which is why we don't allow you to do this.

Obviously the traffic you send needs to be of good quality, but if you have a website that targets the business opportunity and home-based entrepreneur market then your customers and opt-in subscribers are likely to be good prospects for Inner Circle.

So you have a decision to make. How hard will it be to get your customers, opt-in subscribers etc. to download the free DYW report?

Not too difficult, considering over 60% of visitors do already!

And if over 3% go on to join Inner Circle, you could earn yourself a nice monthly residual income on autopilot.

Remember, Inner Circle members stay on average for six months. So every person who becomes a member as a result of your referral could earn you a six month income... That sure beats those one-hit wonder sales.

So… How Much Will You Earn?

You earn 25% or $7.49 in commissions from direct Inner Circle sales made by referring people to our website. You earn 5% or $1.50 in commissions from sub-affiliates.

A sub-affiliate is anyone who becomes a Cash Ocean affiliate as a result of you referring them to our website.

You'll receive a payment even if you only make one sale. We do not have a minimum commission you have to earn before getting paid.

How Do You Get Paid?

All commissions are paid in US dollars by PayPal. Payment is transferred to your PayPal account on the 2nd Monday of each month.

IMPORTANT: You must open a free PayPal account to get paid. Please click here to learn how.

So if you're ready to become a Cash Ocean affiliate and start earning a good monthly income on autopilot...

Click Here Now to Join the Cash Ocean Affiliate Program For Free.

By joining the Cash Ocean affiliate program, you confirm that you have read, understood and accept the Cash Ocean Affiliate Agreement (click here to read it). Any spamming or sending of unsolicited email will result in immediate termination of your account.

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