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Mutual Funds
Stock funds see $11B outflow in Feb. Stock funds see $11B outflow in Feb.
Mar 27: 4:22p
ICI calls this a continuation of nearly unbroken string of monthly withdrawals, starting mid-2002. (more)

Hedge funds hearings in the works Hedge funds hearings in the works
Mar 27: 7:31p
Sources say SEC could force funds to register, which would allow regulators to audit financials. (more)
A peacenik portfolio A peacenik portfolio
Mar 26: 3:40p
If you don't want to profit from war, there are ways to invest your money accordingly. (more)

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Mar 11    Is this 1974 for fund investors?
Mar 18    The other tech bubble
Feb 20    A fund category prevails
Feb 19    Go-anywhere guys
Feb 14    Fund losers: Dump them?

    Ticker YTD 
1  Amerindo Technology D 24.43% 
2  Polynous Growth A 21.27% 
3  ProFunds Ultra Internet Inv 14.16% 
4  ProFunds Ultra Internet Svc 13.94% 
5  Apex Mid Cap Growth 13.89% 
6  Jundt U.S. Emerging Growth A 13.64% 
7  Jundt U.S. Emerging Growth C 13.46% 
8  Jundt U.S. Emerging Growth B 13.45% 
9  New York Equity 11.48% 
10  ProFunds Ultra Biotechnology Inv 11.31% 
 last updated at 03-31-2003

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