The events of September 11th affected the entire world. Reactions around the globe have been captured in this archive of television news broadcasts from the period following the attacks. We invite you to explore the collection and share your thoughts with other archive users.

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News coverage from around the world

Good Morning America is interrupted at 8:51am as Diane Sawyer announces an explosion at the World Trade Center. View Broadcast

While showing live coverage of the World Trade Center fire, a second plane strikes. View Broadcast

Half an hour after the south tower collapses, World Trade Center 1 collapses on live TV. View Broadcast

The Japan Broadcasting Corporation shows live coverage of the Pentagon crash. View Broadcast

TV Azteca in Mexico carries President Bush's statements from Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana View Broadcast

China Central Television begins to cover the World Trade Center collapse and the second plane crash View Broadcast

NTV from Moscow, Russia begins covering the events of the day. View Broadcast

Detailed analyses of crisis coverage

Therapeutic Patriotism and Beyond
    Pat Aufderheide, American University

Terrorism, Television and the Rage for Vengeance
    Norman Solomon, Institute for Public Accuracy

Media Beat: When Journalists Report for Duty
    Norman Solomon, Institute for Public Accuracy

Television Conventions
    William Uricchio, MIT

Terrorism and the Sublime
   Margaret Weigel, MIT

Media Convergence and Its Consequences
   Jon W. Anderson & Dale F. Eickelman

Minute by Minute with the Broadcast News
   Jill Geisler, Poynter Institute

Media Advisory: Media March to War
   Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting

Action Alert: Media Pundits Advocate Civilian Targets
   Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting


Beta Release Notice: The Television Archive is still undergoing development. We feel that making this material available sooner will benefit the academic and research community in their understanding and analysis of the events of 11 September.  If you have comments, or would like to assist, please contact us at


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