Medieval and Renaissance Culture

Our Medieval Wedding: October 6, 1984 (more Armstrong Family Pictures)

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C O N T E N T S (Hyper-linked)

Art and Architecture (Up to c.1700)

Cathedrals, Churches, and Abbeys
[see also the "Cathedrals" sections of the Ireland, England, and Scotland pages]

Chivalry, Romance, and Marriage

Councils, Ecumenical

Carcassonne, France: the finest remaining medieval walled city, built in the late 13th century

General / Links / Miscellaneous

History, General
Knights and Heraldry
Literature and Documents
Monasticism and Orders
Painters and Sculptors (Up to c.1700)

Beauvais Cathedral (13th century), France

Philosophy / Scholasticism: Concepts

Philosophers and Systems
[see also St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas pages]

The Renaissance

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