My Code Name Is Charmer

CD No: Emotion BCCM-6
Release date: 21 Nov 1991
Price: Y2913
Total length: 39:08 (10 tracks)

This is an image album of the manga by Kakinouchi Narumi, consisting of short drama, some BGMs and four songs. Althoguh Naomo's voice is a little too cheerful, other cast seem good. Both music and drama are, too be honest, disappointing. The main cast are
Morimura NaomiFuchizaki Yuriko
Nonaka YuujiYamaguchi Kappei
Hasegawa MakotoShiozawa Kaneto
Saginomori KaedeAmano Yuri

NHT rating:

1. Prologue 2:19
2. Code Name wa Charmer -Show Me Now- (Shinohara Emi) 3:41
[My Code Name Is Charmer -Show Me Now-]
3. Monologue 0:31
4. Fairy Land Baloon (Hyoudo Mako) 3:44
5. Drama 3:31
6. Green Angel (instrumental) 0:36
7. Drama 1:02
8. mayonaka no Prisoner (Sasaki Mari) 5:07
[Midnight Prisoner]
9. Drama 14:10
10. Green Angel (Sasaki Mari) 4:22

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