Means to a Better End: A Report on Dying in America Today

Last Acts' state-by-state analysis, Means to a Better End: A Report on Dying in America Today, paints a statistical portrait of the availability and use of end-of-life care. For each state and the District of Columbia, the report assigns a grade (A-E) to eight measurement criteria which reflect key aspects of end-of-life care.

Download the full Means to a Better End report in PDF. Note about this file.
Comprehensive information on this project, reports and research findings are available in an interactive Special Report on The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation website. Site includes an interactive map, and web cast of news conference.
Media documents for reporters regarding the state-by-state report on end-of-life care in America today.
Read the Last Acts press release about the Means to a Better End report.
View the results of a public opinion poll regarding what Americans think about the delivery of end-of-life care.
View US maps of states according to each measurement criteria.
Access state fact sheets with results and analysis for each state.
Download the Action Guide which was developed for Partners who wish to use the results of the report and poll to draw attention to their efforts and stimulate action.
Download a sample presentation about Means to a Better End. Available in HTML and PowerPoint.
View a sample letter to the editor (in MS word) regarding the report. Adapt this letter to engage local and national media in the need to improve end-of-life care.
View a newsletter article about the report and it's release. This article can be adapted for use in your newsletter or publication.
Want to get involved to improve end-of-life care in your community? Visit Rallying Points, an initiative of Last Acts assisting community-based coalitions in improving care and caring for those nearing the end-of-life to see where there are others doing this near you!
Please note: All Last Acts Partners and Rallying Points coalition members will receive a paper copy of the report within seven days. If you are not a Last Acts Partner or Rallying Points coalition member and would like to receive a paper copy, please email to request a copy. Please provide the name of your organization and your mailing information.

This is a large file (2MB) and may take a long time to download and/or print. If you have difficulty printing the file, we suggest printing it in sections.