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Phantom Interview - 20 January 2003 17:50 - John [JCal] Callaham User Comments : 1

The announcement came this morning and at first a lot of people and web sites (including, it must be admitted, HomeLAN) express immediate skeptism and some even thought it might be an outright hoax. A previously unknown company based in Florida called Infinium Labs announced their intentions today to produce a new gaming console called the Phantom. While the company is still remaning murky on precise details at this point, HomeLAN got a chance to ask questions of the company's official spokesperson Steve Chilton to find out a little more about their plans for the Phantom

HomeLAN - How did Infinium Labs come to be formed?

Steve Chilton - Infinium Labs was formed by veteran entrepreneurs who have a successful track record in building large scale companies and advanced architectures for supporting massive eCommerce and enterprise applications. Combining skills from Telco, Data Communications, Digital Rights Management, Software Development and Security, the management team brings together a unique array of skills to develop the most robust next generation gaming console and delivery network on the market.

HomeLAN - How did the idea for the Phantom console come about?

Steve Chilton - The Phantom console and delivery system was designed to give consumers a better game playing experience. Game developers and publishers will benefit from a new distribution.

HomeLAN - From statements on your web site, it appears as if the Phantom will be based on PC tech and that regular PC games will be able to be played on the console. Can you give us more info on the hardware side of things?

Steve Chilton - Infinium Labs will be announcing hardware configurations within the coming weeks.

HomeLAN - Are there plans to develop games that will only be played on the Phantom?

Steve Chilton - Infinium Labs will support more games than available on any other gaming console. We plan to support developers and publishers exclusive titles in the future.

HomeLAN - What other features can you tell us at this point about the Phantom's features?

Steve Chilton - Key features include:

  • Fastest console on the market
  • Broadest selection of preloaded games
  • Cross Platform capabilities
  • State of the art design and architecture
  • Advanced accessories and wireless capabilities
  • Online connectivity for multi player gaming
  • Seamless upgrades and patch management
  • A multi tiered subscription service that meets the needs of casual, moderate and hard-core game players
    Demo games before purchasing or subscribing
  • Games on demand
  • Game Rentals

  • HomeLAN - The company is facing off against Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo in the console race. Do you feel this console will be able to compete with these companies?

    Steve Chilton - The company plans to market a high performance gaming console and delivery system to provide consumers with options and capabilities that are not available in today’s marketplace. The console will appeal to the hard-core gamer and the high end consumer electronic purchaser. We are confident that consumers will welcome a new console and distribution system in the future.

    HomeLAN - There will likely be a lot of skeptism about this venture as other consoles have tried and fail to come out. How do you respond to these comments?

    Steve Chilton - We are focused on creating the best gaming experience for the consumer and most robust and high performance delivery system for game developers and publishers.

    HomeLAN - Will Infinium Labs publish actual games for the Phantom as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo do with their consoles?

    Steve Chilton - We do not plan on becoming a development company but will partner and support current developers and publishers with their current and upcoming titles.

    HomeLAN - At the moment, what is the status of the Phantom's development and when do you plan to release it to the public and at what price point?

    Steve Chilton - Infinium Labs has engineered its prototypes and expects to unveil the new gaming console in March of 2003. The company intends to launch the game console to the U.S. consumer market by November 2003. We will discuss price point in the future.

    HomeLAN - Finally is there anything else you wish to say about Infinium Labs and the Phantom at this time?

    Steve Chilton - We are actively partnering with Game Developer’s and Publishers and look forward to the opportunity of partnering with and distributing their current and future titles on the Phantom Network.


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