Name Game

Submitted by John Williams

Grade Level : 1-5

Skills : You name it and it's here

Equipment : Name Game sheet (below)

Set up : Divide class up into small groups of three or four. Give each group a Name Game sheet.

Game : Spread out the groups. Let them find the letters in their name and do the activity listed for each letter. Each child spells their name for the other members of their group. Start out with just the first name and depending on the child let them go on to their last name.

After they can spell their name without looking at the sheet they may go around the room and spell their names for the other students.

You can also have them spell their favorite sport or favorite physical education activity.

These are just examples so use these or make up your own.

  1. A= Five jumping jacks
  2. B= Five sit ups
  3. C= Five Toe touches
  4. D= Gallope to a cone and back
  5. E= Spin on your bottom
  6. F= Five windmills
  7. G= Bear walk five steps
  8. H= Crab walk five steps
  9. I= Seal walk five steps
  10. J= Skip to a cone and back
  11. K= Jump five times
  12. L= Hop five times
  13. M= Run in place five counts
  14. N= Spin on your stomach
  15. O= Spin on one hand
  16. P= Spin on your feet
  17. Q= Clap your hands
  18. R= Stomp both of your feet
  19. S= Nod your head
  20. T= Shrug your shoulders
  21. U= Wiggle your body
  22. V= Touch your head, shoulders, knees and toes
  23. W= Do a jump 1/2 turn
  24. X= Do a tuck jump
  25. Y= Do a straddle jump
  26. Z= March in place