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Hi! My name is Brian.

This web site is dedicated to that aspect of spiritual awakening which is known in Tibetan Buddhism as "REALIZATION OF EMPTINESS",
and in Zen as REALIZING "NO MIND".

Some would say that this shift in consciousness is the first real step on the path to enlightenment and no-self.

The shift is sudden.
It takes less than a billionth of a second.
It reveals "THE EMPTY MIND"

my name is star

"Be a hollow bamboo".
- Tilopa

A perfect metaphor
for the "shift"


The importance of intention

Personal experiences of emptiness:-
a sudden glimpse
7 weeks of emptiness
losing it
realization of emptiness
holding on to emptiness
alone for ever
10 years on
what is emptiness?
what is enlightenment?
the empty body
empty mind 2

More on the empty mind and emptiness by Papaji, Osho, Krishnamurti and others


These introductions explore the common theme of 'emptiness' in the lives of some remarkable men and women.

  • Suzanne Segal  . . .          a terrifying, but ultimately joyful account of her realization of emptiness.
  • Bernadette Roberts . . .   the experience of no-self and its most noticeable effect - the silent mind.
  • Osho(Bhagwan Rajneesh) . in his attempt to enlighten all beings, he became the most positive influence of the 20th century.
  • Papaji (HWL Poonja) . . .  the foremost transmitter of the empty mind. Perhaps even surpassing his master -
  • Ramana Maharshi
  • Ganga Karmokar . . .       an exhilarating new expression of Advaita.
  • Dave Oshana . . .            laugh your way to enlightenment.
  • Andrew Cohen . . .         Andrew Cohen showed us all how it was done.
  • Krishnamurti . . .            Krishnamurti and the empty mind.
  • Douglas Harding . . .    "I had lost a head and gained a world".
  • Vernon Kitabu Turner . "only the empty (spiritual) mind is life".
  • Jean Pierre de Caussade."etre dans le rien" . . . majestic and utterly human . . a beautiful exposition on life lived in faith and surrender.
  • Madame Guyon . . .      please read the autobiography of Madame Guyon.

  • nonduality salon . . .     no longer can you say "I can't find a living teacher."
  • Zen . . .                  a state of the art website.

If you have any comments or questions - please email me

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