It is our contention that the theology of the Reformation is the purest expression of Christianity on the planet. This site exists in order to make important and hard to find primary source Reformation documents readily accessible. This not only includes books and articles from the sixteenth century, but also works from authors who stand in the Reformation tradition. On this site you will find six main sections. Our classics section included articles and links from authors spanning from the Reformation to the early twentieth century. Our contemporary section primarily contains modern articles and links by authors in the Reformation tradition. Our online bookstore contains a list of over five hundred recommended books which you can purchase online through You can use our Search function to locate any subject or author on this site that interests you. Our miscellaneous section is the place we throw in whatever we feel like, and our list of new uploads is a way for you to keep an eye on what has been added recently. We hope you enjoy Reformation Ink!


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