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Crimson Empire #0
December 18, 1998


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About Crimson Empire

Dark Horse publishes the ultimate tale from the dark side in Crimson Empire. The six-issue series pulls back the curtain on the Emperor's elite Royal Guard for a look behind the scenes and the workings of the Empire.

Kir Kanos is one of only two surviving members of Emperor Palpatine's Royal Guard. After the Emperor's death in Empire's End, his royal bodyguards, considered the most skilled and ruthless warriors in the Empire, are deemed a threat to those with designs on the vacant throne. In Crimson Empire, Kanos is on the run from one who would take over the throne -- and the Empire won't rest until he has been destroyed.

Mike Richardson, President of Dark Horse Comics, is co-writing the epic. "Crimson Empire takes the familiar Star Wars saga and looks at it in a new light," says Richardson. "Kir Kanos is essentially a man without a country, and his introduction here marks the beginning of an intriguing look behind the scenes of the running of the Empire."

Written by Mike Richardson (Aliens: Newt's Tale) and Randy Stradley (Aliens vs. Predator), with artwork by Paul Gulacy (Batman vs. Predator II) and P. Craig Russell (Elric: Stormbringer), Star Wars: Crimson Empire promises to be the preeminent story from the Empire.

Issue #1 of Crimson Empire is available in stores as of December 10, 1997. The remaining five issues will be published monthly through May, 1998.

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Crimson Empire #0

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