Hello, peoples. I'm Shaina Nara Shaina. You might remember me from such games as Silhouette Mirage and... and well that's about it because Treasure (the people who made me) has yet to make a sequel and probably won't until pigs fly (or until someone manages to port the bridge from Shun's VF2 stage to a home console in full 3D).

I'm this webpage's "Daihyou," which is the Japanese word for "Representative." So, if you were trying to be terse and get the message across as quickly as possible, you could say that I'm this page's representative. Anoop likes using representatives on his webpage because it makes him feel less lonely than he would otherwise. And, every now and then, he likes using Japanese phrases followed by a lengthy English explanation when a single English word would usually serve the purpose just as well because it makes him feel elite.


This webpage belongs to Anoop Gantayat who once lived in Milpitas, California, USA, but who now lives in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan. Anoop, while continuing the search for identity that many out there (especially in Japan) seem to take for granted, is currently learning Japanese, writing for European and American magazines and websites, playing around with Game Boy Advance development, and doing lots of other stuff in pursuit of his dreams (see the dream page for more).

On the pages linked below, you'll find samples of the stuff Anoop's worked on (you know... the kind of stuff you'd put on your resume), as well pics he's taken from around the way (although he asked that I convey to you his hatred of carrying a camera around). Tell a friend...

UPDATE: 2/14/2003

UPDATE: 2/14/2003

UPDATE: 2/14/2003

UPDATE: 2/14/2003