Some debris from the Orlando vaults

Don't Sleep Alone (GLR session)

Performed live in 1996 on the sadly departed GLR for the sadly still with us Robert Elms. This is much as you would’ve heard us had you been at those early lots of makeup/drum machine backed/getting punched in the face shows at Club Skinny & Arcadia. I think this is probably the best we ever performed the song and certainly found it impossible to recreate in the studio (hence the different R&B arrangement used for Passive Soul.) The coda lyrics are taken directly from Sondheim’s Company. Dickon wrote his own interpretation for the album.

Reach Out For Me (BFBS session)

Another live session - this time for BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting). Bacharach & David’s Reach Out For Me sounding slightly more subdued than in concert due to us all being squashed together in a tiny booth.


Originally an exclusive download on Orlando’s official website. A tribute to our friends, touring companions, and favourite pop group Kenickie. When the group heard this they found my southern pronunciation of previously northern vowel sounds a source of great amusement.

A Life's Aside

This was intended as a b-side for the never released fourth single. Dickon’s last set of lyrics for the band. The voice at the end is that of Miriam Comer who would phone the studio daily in the hope of speaking to Cliff Richard. This is the culmination of her theory that Sir Cliff has agreed to look after her infirm mother. Her mum died soon after and within hours Miriam had phoned the studio again to report a missing handbag: "To be honest, this has thrown me more than losing mother."

Sidelined Youth

This was recorded with Ray Hedges but neither Neil or myself were happy with our performances so we put it to one side and just never went back to it. Ray has the nickname ‘Madman’. This is not merely an affectation. Upon completion of another recording with the band he took the tape and, with the words "Let’s see if it floats", flung it out into the adjacent river. The river, however, was frozen and the tape merely skidded across the ice whereupon it was pecked at by a curious moorhen. It took the entire group and the studio manager to hold Ray back from walking across the ice to retrieve it. He also honks at spiders with an old car-horn.

The Theme From Orlando

Not a real song at all. The intro tape to Dickon's farewell shows at the Water Rats Theatre, King's Cross.

Radio One Newsbeat interview

Dickon, Tim & Simon Price tell 1FM what time it is.

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