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Iraq War Ticker
 DOW8277.15 NASDAQ1383.51 S&P878.85 10YR99 11/32 
 +36.77+0.45% -13.07-0.94% +2.40+0.27% - 11/32YIELD: 3.95%  
Friday's market close 
Huge rally on tap

U.S. progress in battle for Baghdad gives a strong boost to futures, signaling a strong open. (more)
  • Futures soaring

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    Forget fundamentals
    Apr 5
    The market's been rallying past bad economic news on hopes for a bright future. It better be right. (more)

    Recession signals: Flashing yellow
    Apr 4
    Commentary by Kathleen Hays -- The four key indicators of economic health are sagging. (more)
  • Econ news: 108,000 jobs lost

    Oil slides on war news Oil slides on war news
    Brent futures at lowest point since November as U.S. forces move into Baghdad. (more)

    Apr 4 Halliburton: more Iraq work?

    7:17a Gas prices skid

    Apr 4 Airlines win fed help

    Retailers play the blame game
    Apr 4
    Retailers cite the war, a late Easter and the lame economy, but they can't find the Next Big Thing. (more)
    7:17a    Ex-Vivendi CEO missed rent payments
    7:03a    Nintendo slashes profit outlook
    6:56a    HealthSouth tries to avoid Ch. 11
    7:55a    CNT buying Inrange for $190M
    Apr 4    Alcoa's 1Q edges higher
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    WEB VIDEO from CNNfn 
    Mixed session on Wall Street Mixed session on Wall Street
    Friday's session ended mixed; the Dow advanced nearly 37 points and the Nasdaq declined 13 points. (more This story contains video
    Bonds and airlines This story contains video
    Yankee go home This story contains video


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    DOW 8265.45  +0.14%  8277.15 
    NASDAQ 1397.07  -0.97%  1383.51 
    S&P 874.02  +0.55%  878.85 
    10YR NOTE
     FTSE 3765.4  +4.95%  3951.90 
     DAX 2614.48  +7.24%  2803.74 
     CAC 2837.68  +5.05%  2980.99 
     NIKKEI 8051.04  +2.47%  8249.90 
    $/€ 1.0558  -0.28%  1.0588 
    ¥/$ 120.47  +0.18%  120.69 
    BRENT OIL 26.75  -11.59%  23.65 
    GOLD (CMX) 336.2  -3.03%  326.00 
     4/07 8:06AM 

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    Tanks roll in city center
    British: Reliable sources say 'Chemical Ali' dead
    Stocks set to soar on war news
    After Saddam Goes
    Starbucks' Mr. Coffee Makes the Fortune 500
    Quiz: How Safe Is Your Job?

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    The Fine Art of Sucking Up
    Dr. Atkins Is Getting Fat
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    Dislocated shoulder keeps Griffey out six weeks
    Pistons' Wallace injures knee, may be out for year

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