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Hey at least I kind of have an excuse this time...

---dbzgtrunks - Original Bastard


What the hell did you use to revamp the site? The HTML looks like shit! No matter, anyway, there will be one last update this month, and that will be tomorrow, a nice big one too! But! I won't leave you without something today, check *THIS* out! It's a little piece of Megaman styled music, as done by Kiri of Movie Comics.

---dbzgtrunks - Original Bastard

Wiggy, we need that Links button.


It's been a while, but I have an update for ya. In Public Domain we have Captain America and Future Kalinka, and in Games we have Sunset Riders' Steve, Luke Skywalker, and Samus from a game that I think is the GBA one but I'm not sure. Come on people, I'm not some crazy game guru. Please put the name of the game, the name of the character/object the sprite is of, and what section you are submitting it for in your submission. Please? ^_^

-The Prodigal Pineapple


I think I've figured out why Sega is doing so badly

...and this isn't some bullshit Duke comment or rant on whatever thing, I'm dead serious...

Bad advertising, they're very limited when they advertise their games, right? But when they do, they treat their customers like they have at least half a brain, quite often, as if they have a whole brain, they don't aim at the most mainstream gamer, the lowest stupidest mindless drones of the gaming community.

And that's where the money is.

What they need to do is create a very mainstream game, and then advertise the shit out of it and make every dumbass fuck on the planet think it's the best thing since sliced fucking bread. We need a game, not that's original or brilliant and new, but a game, that's basically a clone of every fucking popular game on the planet.

And then they need to make it sound really really fucking cool.

---dbzgtrunks - Original Bastard


Wow, it's been a while huh? My bad, well anyway, our update isn't that big anyway, so again, I'm requesting sprites from anyone that submits them, to send 'em on in. We have for you today, a spritesheet for Game Sprites, Kaede, from Queen of Hearts, submitted by Arcaniks. In Public Domain we have more sprites from Drake Runner, Ryu and Guile from Street Fighter in FF6 format. We also have X in MM7 format in PD from mjkrzak.

By the way, go rent Xenosaga.

---dbzgtrunks - Original Bastard


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