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Both Semi-Auto Paintball Pistols Feature:
  • Manufactures warranty and a $20.00 price to fix or replace anything for LIFE!
  • All brass CNC machined valve components.
    The Hi-Tech Semi Valve System
  • Delrin venturi blow forward bolt design.
    Bolt.gif (6736 bytes)
  • Adjustable velocity (240 to 300) FPS
  • 12 to 20 shots on a 12 gram Co2 from a semi pistol
  • 7 inch brass barrel
  • All New Spring feed system keeps you firing at any angle with quick reloads
  • Very quiet operation
  • Strong Polymer body
  • Great balance and weighs less than 1 pound fully loaded
  • Measures 12.5 inches long (the short is 10 inches long) and 6-1/5 inches tall and is an 1-1/4 wide
  • Small compact rugged side arm

This is exactly the same proven design as the regular SideKick Semi, but with no brass barrel and no loader extension. It loads the same way with a hole in the top of the magazine and still spring feed. The Semi Short holds 7 68 caliber paintballs and is very easy to conceal or carry for long scenario games.

semi short end.jpg (31129 bytes)
The business end of the SideKick Short. Note the same proven design of spring feed combined with compact size.

SideKick Semi
SideKick Semi with NEW SPRING FEED SYSTEM. Shown ready to fire.

Quickload.gif (148334 bytes)
Loading is fast and easy. Simply slide back the spring lever (silver screw shown under the thumb) and dump in a full 10 round tube. Release the spring lever to put spring pressure on the paintballs and fire away.

Howmany.gif (135202 bytes)
You can see how many shots you have left. Note the position of the feed lever and how many balls you can see.

Plunger.gif (151400 bytes)
Delrin Plunger keeps the paintballs feeding for rapid fire.

Shown below is how to squeegee the Semi or any SideKick or that matter.

First step slide back the rear sight rail. Insert the jerk type squeegee and push the cable end down the barrel.

Pull the squeegee through the barrel from the breach end and this will clean the paint out of the barrel and the breach.

Standard SideKick Semi with no accessories attached. Looks just like the Mod doesn't it.

The SideKick Semi sells for $98.00.
Order form the on line store of by phone at (256) 396-5688

Visit our Secure On Line Store or call us at (256) 396-5688
Check out our newest marker the SideKick Short.

The smallest and lighest 68 caliber paintball pistol ever made.

Same great blow forward valve as the standard SideKick Semi but now much shorter.

We are proud of our newly designed paintball pistol the SideKick.

This is the ultimate side arm or main gun for that matter.

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