Ray Greene

"No one breathed while he sang. He literally stunned everyone."

- B. Garrison, I Q & J Chairman

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  Ray Greene is a talented singer/songwriter/trombonist living in Boston, MA., in the USA. He is currently touring throughout New England with his band, Universal Language.

In addition to performing in stadiums and large arenas, Ray Greene has also toured with Warner Brothers recording artist Rick James, Atlantic recording artist Aretha Franklin, and also singer Natalie Cole. Ray has toured twice in Europe, spending three weeks in Switzerland.

Having produced and sang lead and background vocals on a CD by Universal Language, a Boston-based R&B group in the USA, Ray Greene has an extensive list of CD and album credits to his name. He has recorded with world famous singer Englebert Humperdinck, pop group New Kids on the Block, and also Rounder Records recording artist Ron Levy. He has recorded hundreds of songs throughout the New England area as a singer and producer. Ray's voice has also been featured on many commercials for American-made products from Converse Sneakers (featuring basketball superstar Magic Johnson) to Sportschannel, ESPN, and FOX Television.

Ray Greene has starred in musicals, most notably a remake of the popular "West Side Story" where he played the lead role of "Tony".

Ray Greene produced the music for and starred in an educational rap video produced by the U. S. State Department called "The Lady Bug Law", aimed at school-aged children in America.

Ray Greene is a tremendously gifted and versatile entertainer and is rapidly on the rise to stardom!

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