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These maps were scanned from a 1990 map published by the Guatemalan government printing office. This map is believed to be in the public domain. As Guatemala officially claims the nation of Belize to be a Guatemala province, that country is shown on these maps as a part of Guatemala. The maps were scanned at a resolution of 200 dpi.




First, download or read The Bolivia Map Guide, which explains how these maps are put together.

Second, download the Guide Map, which will show you which maps cover which parts of the country. You will probably want to print this one.

Third, download the maps. If you can't get it all today, you may want to use the guide and map guide to determine which maps you want to download first.

How to Download: To download files, right-click on the link and a menu box will pop up. One of the choices will be "Save link as..." or "Save file as ..." or something like that (exact wording depends on the browser). Next, a file save box will pop up and you will be prompted to indicate the drive and folder you want to save the file to.


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