Franco-Prussian War 1870-71



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Causes of the Franco-Prussian War

Prussian Artillery Doctrine 1870-71

Organisation and Equipment of the Prussian Artillery 1870-71

Notes on Siege Warfare 1870-71
(new material added 15/11/2002!)

The Fall of some smaller French Fortresses 1870
(Toul, Soissons, La Fère)
(new material added 11/1/2003!)

Problems posed by French Prisoners of War in Germany

The North German Navy

French Officers held as prisoners in Germany
19th February 1871
Enumerated by Rank

Some Statistics arising from the German Victory 1870-71
As published in German Newspapers after the War

The Siege of Neuf-Brisach November 1870
(with illustrations!)

- Documents -

The Versailles Preliminary Peace - Original French Text

The Treaty of Frankfurt - Original French Text

Ratification of the Treaty of Frankfurt by the
French National Assembly - Original French Text

Mobilisation Order for the Army of the North German Confederation,
15th July 1870 - Original German Text

Facsimile of the Surrender Note sent by Napoleon III. To King Wilhelm I. at Sedan
1st September 1870
(with Background Notes, and Text of the Note in French, German and English)

Capitulation of Sedan, signed at Frénois
2nd September 1870 - Original French Text

Official Report on the Battle of St. Quentin, by General Faidherbe
Original French Text

Announcement of the Execution of a French Priest at Rheims for
instigating attacks on German Troops, 12th February 1871
Original French Text, with English Translation

Notification to the Hamburg Senate of the
French Naval Blockade of the German North Sea Coast, 15th August 1870
Text in German as issued by the Senate

Armeebefehl issued by General von Moltke on 30th August, 1870,
after the Battle of Beaumont
Original German Text, with Background Notes

Tagesbefehl (Order of the Day) issued to the Prussian Garde Korps
on 20th August 1870
Original German Text, with Notes

Capitulation of Sedan, 2nd September 1870
Original German Text

Order regulating the conduct of French Soldiers opposite German Officers
Amiens, 25th March 1871
Original French Text, with English Translation

- Prussian Army Wagons 1870-71 -

A Brief Introduction

Pontoon Wagon (with photo!)

Field Telegraph Materialienwagen (with photo!)

Bridging Column Werkzeugwagen (with photo!)

Ammunition Wagon (with photo!)

Munitionswagen crossing a Pontoon Bridge (drawing by Knötel)

Prussian Train in Action (drawing by Knötel)

French Wagon in German Service (drawing by Knötel)

- French Uniforms 1870-71 -

(Illustrations with notes.)

French Line Uniforms 1870

Chasseur á Pied

Line Infantry

Officer of Gardes Mobiles 1870-71

Garde Mobile



Chasseur d`Afrique


Naval Infantry 1). - Marine

Naval Infantry 2). - Sailor


Zouaves Pontificaux

Garibaldi Volunteers

- Maps -

The Fortress of Metz 1870

The Battle of Colombey, 14th August 1870
The Situation at 1930 hrs.

The Battle of Vionville/Mars-la-Tour, 16th August 1870
The Situation at 1700 hrs.

The Battle of Gravelotte-St.Privat, 18th August 1870
The Situation at 1900 hrs.

The Battle of Coulmiers, 9th November 1870
The Situation at 1500 hrs.

The Battle of Beaune-la-Rolande, 28th November 1870
The Situation at 1630 hrs.

The Battle of Loigny, 2nd December 1870
The Situation at 0900 hrs.

The Battle of Orleans, 3rd and 4th December 1870
The Situation on the evening of the 3rd.

The Battle of Beaugency-Cravant, 8th, 9th and 10th December 1870
The Situation on the evening of the 10th.

The Battle of Le Mans, 9th, 10th and 11th January 1871
The Situation on the evening of the 11th.

The Battle of St.Quentin, 19th January 1871
The Situation at 1400 hrs.

- Illustrations -

German Ironclads 1870

The French Fleet 1870

L`Empereur Napoleon III.

Maréchal Bazaine

Maréchal MacMahon

Prussian troops building an improvised firestep

Württemberg Infantry on the March

Model of the Fortress at Thionville/Diedenhofen

Model of the Fortress at Meziérères

French Gunboats on the Seine 1870-71

A Soldier of a Garnisonbattailon guarding
French Prisoners of War

French Troops crossing the Marne

Baden Artillery Advancing at Bussurel,
January 15th 1871

Mance Ravine, near Gravelotte

A French Hostage riding on a German Train

The "Napoleonometer" - a device measuring Napoleon III.`s
change in mood as the war progressed...

Photograph of fighting at La Moncelle, 1st September 1870,
later published as a Postcard

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Wargaming the Franco-Prussian War

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