Nicholette "Nikki" Gold

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"Nicholette"  A variation on the French version of the Greek name "Nicole," meaning "Victory of the people."  [First mentioned in GOTG 12]
"Gold"  Surname of unrevealed origin.  [GOTG 17]

First appearance:  MARVEL PRESENTS #4  (April 1976); first mentioned in FOOM #12, (Dec 1975)
Created by:  Steve Gerber & Al Milgrom

Biographical information
Height: 162.56 cm. / 5'4"  [GOTG 13; OHOTMUDE 5 incorrectly says 5'8"]
Weight: 45.36 kg. / 100 lbs.  [GOTG 13; OHOTMUDE 5 incorrectly says 130 lbs.]
Hair: Black eyebrows and lashes (occasionally aflame), no hair on head.
Eyes: Blue [M/PRS 4]; orange  [OHOTMUDE 5; GOTG 13]
Species: Mercurian
Descent: Mercurians are a genetically engineered offshoot of Terrans. The ethnicity of Nikki's ancestors has not been revealed.
Known relatives: Parents (deceased) [M/PRS 4], sisters (deceased) [GOTG 30].

Since her pre-teen years, conflict is the only life Nikki has known.  Impetuous and headstrong, Nikki is athletic, technically inclined, and a skilled pilot.  Often flirtatious, Nikki is lonely and craves attention and excitement.  Although noncommittal by nature, Nikki has formed an ongoing romantic relationship with Charlie-27.

In depth


Early Years  (2996 - 3016)
Nicholette Gold was born into a wealthy family at the mining colony in Solstice, Mercury in 2996.  [M/PRS 4; OHOTMUDE 5]  In school, she learned a little about the ancient exploits of Thor.  [GOTG 42]  In 3007, at age 11, Nikki witnessed her parents and baby sisters eaten alive as well as her friends murdered and the genocide of her race at the hands of the Brotherhood of Badoon.  [M/PRS 4; GOTG 30, 43]

Escaping aboard the family's space yacht, Nikki made her way just outside the Sol System when the generator blew.  [OHOTMUDE 5 incorrectly says she escaped aboard an abandoned "supply ship".]  Drifting in space, she came upon a dead cargo vessel, salvaging it for parts and food.  Nikki would spend nine years in isolation, hunting for food on whatever planets she would happen upon, and educating herself through two read-throughs of the library contained on her ship's computer, which included historical records.  [M/PRS 5; Nikki says that she spent seven years on her ship, but she launched in 3007 and was found in 3016, a total of nine years.  Among the ship's historical records, there was evidently abundant material on the 20th Century, since Nikki's vocabulary included many slang archaisms from that period.  She later made reference to seeing records of Sentinels, and they could have been here.  [GOTG 54]  It may be worth noting that Nikki's historical records apparently did not mention the Hulk, as she had never heard of him in 3016.]  Her ship's course took her toward the center of the Milky Way, where she scavenged a number of planets decimated by Karanada.  [M/PRS 4]  Seeing the destruction in the non-entity's wake, Nikki thought herself to be the only sentient left alive in the galaxy aside from the Badoon.  [M/PRS 6]  Apparently, Nikki engaged in some form of intense physical training during her isolation, likely in case of a Badoon encounter, as she was extremely agile and a fine marksman upon joining the Guardians.

In 3016, her astral form engaged in an "act of love" with Karanada, possessed by
Vance Astro.  This was her first act of intimacy and though proud of their triumph over Karanada, Vance was embarassed.  [M/PRS 7]  Shortly after, Vance tried to console a depressed Vance, expressing her feelings for him, but their conversation was interrupted before anything could develop.  [M/PRS 9, 10]

When Captain Charlie-27 changed his costume and removed his mask, Nikki gave him a kiss, dismissing the need for him to cover his face.  [M/PRS 12]

The Guardians rescued an unconscious Thor drifting in space and Nikki hit on him, although Charlie condemned her lack of class.  [T@ 6]  Soon after, Nikki discussed her attraction to Thor with the Scarlet Witch.  [A 168]

In 3017, Charlie expressed an interest in Nikki, suffering some burns as a result.  [GOTG 1]  Nikki then learned to swim to cool down her body temperature for him.  [GOTG 8]

On Courg, Nikki met Firelord and had an instant crush on him.  [GOTG 4]

Back on the Captain America II, Charlie proposed to Nikki.  Though flattered, she turned him down because of her new feelings for Firelord.  Still, Nikki offered intimacy to him, but Charlie declined.  [GOTG 8]

Meeting up with Firelord again, Nikki told him how she felt.  Although the Xandarian confirmed that he had feelings for her as well, he explained that he felt their ages were to far apart, among other concerns.  Seeing her heart broken, Charlie gave her a flaming rose, telling her it was from Firelord.  [GOTG 12]  Nikki figured out that the rose was from Charlie and let him know how much it meant to her.  [GOTG 13]

Observing Broadside's interest in Charlie, Nikki became jealous.  [GOTG 16]

On Earth, Crazy Nate made advanced toward her [GOTG 18, 19, 20], but she rejected them and felt an attraction instead for Talon.  [GOTG 19]  Seeing Vance freed from his containment suit, Nikki flirted with him.  [GOTG 20]  Nikki approached Talon with her interest, but was rejected.  [GOTG 21]

Not long after, Nikki tried to reapproach Charlie, but he responded that he didn't want to complicate their friendship.  [GOTG 24]

She met up with Firelord once again, confessing that she realized her feelings for him were only a crush.  [GOTG 25]  During a strong argument with Charlie, Nikki lost her temper and burned his hair off, although she was later very upset over it.  [GOTG 34]

In 3019, Charlie told Nikki of his desire to get back together again.  [GOTG 40]  When Charlie was framed for multiple genocides and imprisoned on Stockade, Nikki couldn't bear his being locked up and helped secure his release.  [GOTG 51, 52, 53]

Charlie and Nikki took a sabbatical from the team for several months, spending time in a hotel together.  [GOTG 59/2, 62/2]

Guardians membership  (3016)
In 3016 the Guardians of the Galaxy discovered Nikki's vessel, apparently in the vicinity of Beta Centauri IV.  Nikki, now age 20, joined the Guardians and went along on their mission to find Karanada.  [M/PRS 4]  After a brief stop on planet Asylum, the Guardians rediscovered Karanada and entered it.  [M/PRS 5, 6]  Under the direction of the Convent of Living Fire, Nikki underwent a ritual separating her astral self from her physical body, "a joining with infinity."  At the same time,
Vance Astro inhabited the body of Karanada.  In these states, Nikki and Vance engaged in "an act of love," thus destroying Karanada.  Although both were proud of their triumph over the threat, Vance was embarrassed about what he shared with Nikki.  [M/PRS 7]

Shortly after Karanada's defeat, Nikki relived the first Badoon assault on Earth in 1968 along with the other Guardians through a Badoon mento-corder.  [M/PRS 8Vance destroyed the device in a fit of anger and Nikki tried to comfort him, expressing her attraction for him (her emotions likely springing from the experience they shared with Karanada).  [M/PRS 9]  Her feelings were interrupted when the Guardians met up with the Reavers of Arcturus.  [M/PRS 10]  During the conflict that ensued, Nikki's space yacht was destroyed along with the starship Captain America, and she witnessed the deaths of Tara, Sita and John Ogord.  [M/PRS 11]  After the Arcturan encounter, the Guardians discovered the lost space station Drydock, and Nikki had a part in constructing the starship Freedom's Lady with the facilities aboard.  During the discovery of Drydock, Nikki gave Charlie-27 a kiss, a spark that would grow to become much more years later.  [M/PRS 12]

The Korvac Saga  (3016, 1977 - mainstream 1980)
During the new vessel's shakedown cruise, Martinex helped Nikki improve her piloting skills, as she was used to her space yacht, but had never piloted anything as large as the Freedom's Lady.  The Guardians discovered a time-displaced Thor drifting in space, and Nikki hit on him.  Charlie reproved her, condemning her lack of class.  (Although Nikki learned about Thor back in school, she did not recall her lessons at this point.  [GOTG 44])  Subsequently, Nikki battled Tork of the Minions of Menace while the Guardians were on the trail of Michael Korvac.  [T@ 6]  Following Korvac back in time to 1977, assuming that Korvac planned to kill
Vance's younger self, Nikki met the Avengers, again flirting with Thor.  [A 167]  During a conversation with the Scarlet Witch, Nikki discussed her attraction to Thor.  Tony Stark arranged for the Guardians to stay in a house in the Astroviks' neighborhood, where Nikki would live for some time.  While there, she enjoyed food of the period, including tuna and hot cocoa.  [A 168, 170, 175]  It was possibly during this period that Nikki was given status as an Avenger, where she would have received a retinal scan and an I. D. card.  (The Avengers had a retinal scan of Vance in NW v1 #1.  Martinex had an Avengers card in M/TU 86.)  Nikki joined the Guardians in their covert vigil over young Vance Astrovik; Korvac described her as "guarding him [as if] he was her own brother."  [A 173]

Eventually, the Guardians confronted Korvac, but he destroyed Drydock, killing Vance.  This enraged Nikki, who was the first to attack Korvac.  In retaliation, he knocked her through a wall, killing her.  After a fierce battle and Korvac's defeat, Nikki was restored to life, but Moondragon altered her memory to believe that the Guardians and Avengers had earned a great triumph.  [A 177]  Following Nikki's resurrection, she received medical attention, having to wear a neck brace.  At a funeral for Korvac and his mate a few days later, Nikki wondered to Charlie if Korvac would go to the same afterlife as herself.  [KS; It is not made clear whether Nikki was expressing her personal beliefs or had memories of being in an afterlife upon coming back from the dead.]

Adventures in the Twentieth Century  (mainstream1980)
A short time later, the United States government decided to limit the number of active Avengers, at which Nikki and the Guardians formally departed.  [A 181]  Returning to space, Nikki helped examine the Collector's unoccupied vessel.  [MSM/ 23]  Wanting to erase evidence of Drydock's existence in orbit of Earth, the Guardians ran into Spider-Man.  Nikki escaped from Spidey with "phenomenal speed."  He commented that "she moves like greased lightning" and was so shocked by her ability that she had enough time to escape in a taxi.  Upon catching up with her, she gave him a hard, swift kick in the gut, knocking him stunned to the ground.  After the misunderstanding was resolved, Spidey assisted the Guardians in destroying evidence of their presence and in battling Hammer and Anvil.  [M/TU 86]

Nikki helped her teammates in months of repairs on Drydock, preparing for return to her native time.  When Vance sabotaged the ship and went to Earth to talk to his younger self, all of the Guardians left Drydock to find him, leaving Nikki in charge.  Once Vance was found, the Guardians teleported to the Astrovik home, this time taking Nikki along.  As the younger Vance's mutant abilities were made manifest, Nikki was present as the Mainstream reality diverged.  Afterward, the Guardians returned to their space station and Nikki talked with Vance about his reasons for trying to change the past.  As she did so, Drydock left 1980, on its way back to the 31st Century.  [M/TIO 69]

Returning to the Future  (mainstream 1980, mainstream 1989)
The voyage back home was not a straightforward one, as the Guardians ended up in Mainstream 1989, Nikki asking directions at Poppa Wheelie's Star Stop space port.  [S-H2 6]  There is also evidence that the Guardians may have made a stop in the 26th Century timeline of Jonz Rickard and the Galactic Avenger Battalion.  [AVF 10]

The Korvac Quest  (3017, mainstream1991, 2591, 259x, 2977, 1977, 2977, 3017)
Spending at least four years living in other time periods, Nikki was about 25 years old upon returning to the 31st Century.  Shortly thereafter, the Guardians made an attack on a Badoon outpost, but Starhawk cut the battle short in order to travel back in time to investigate what he perceived as a continued threat by Michael Korvac.  Nikki and her companions traveled back to Mainstream 1991 to enlist the help of the Fantastic Four.  After a short altercation with an ancestress of Korvac, the Guardians traveled back into their own timeline, to 2591.  [FF@ 24]  During the temporal transfer, Nikki donned a new costume.  The Guardians then battled Varley before Korvac's power again fled through time.  While there, Nikki met Dargo Ktor.  [T@ 16]  Arriving a few years later, at the end of the 26th Century, Nikki first met the Silver Surfer, battling him with her comrades over Korvac's power, which had taken refuge in Marshach.  Marchach halted the conflict, encasing Nikki and the Guardians in energy cubicles that drained and rapidly aged them.  [SS@ 4]

After the Surfer convinced him to restore the Guardians, the power again escaped into the future.  [SS@ 4]  In 2977, Nikki and her teammates fought Jordan Korvac, met Krugarr and returned to 1977 with the infant Michael.  Once Michael's power was removed by Galactus, Nikki opposed the idea of killing the infant to prevent the suffering he would one day commit, saying that he was only a helpless baby.  The Guardians then returned Michael to his mother in 2977 and officially inducted Aleta, who would grow to be Nikki's "best friend", into the team.  Once returning to their proper time, 3017, the Guardians considered going their separate ways, but decided to stay together.  [GOTG@ 1]

As time passed, Charlie-27 showed an interest in Nikki and suffered some burns as a result.  [GOTG 1]  To cool down her body temperature to a level more comfortable for Charlie, Nikki learned to swim.  [GOTG 8]

The Quest for the Shield  (3017)
Months later, Nikki and the Guardians embarked on a quest to find Captain America's shield.  [GOTG 1, @ 1]  While on Courg, Nikki was taken hostage by Taserface, but Martinex froze both of the in a block of ice.  Nikki's body heat melted the ice and she escaped, vengefully blasting the unconscious Stark with a laser set on stun.  [GOTG 3]  When Firelord arrived to assist, Nikki felt an instant crush for him and, along with Vance, tried to convince him to join the team.  [GOTG 4]  Inspired by Firelord's lengthy flames, Nikki decided to wear hers longer as well.  [GOTG 8]  The quest then took the Guardians to Klattu, where Nikki was pitted against a Snark.  In battle with Scanner, Nikki made clear her hatred of lizards - Snark, Skrull, and Badoon.  So great was her fury that she would have murdered Scanner if not for Mainframe's intervention.  [GOTG 5]  Once the quest was over, the Guardians came upon a sleeper ship, where Nikki and Charlie teleported over to investigate and were sickened by the sight of thousands of emaciated bodies with the life being drained out of them.  Penetrating the craft further, they awakened and engaged Malevolence, until Starhawk repelled her.  [GOTG 7]

World of Mutants  (3017)
During some downtime on a voyage to find Earth's lost colony on Haven, Charlie-27 proposed to Nikki.  She was flattered by it, but turned him down because of her new feelings for Firelord.  Nevertheless, Nikki offered intimacy without obligation to Charlie, but he turned her down.  [GOTG 8]  Arriving at Haven, Nikki helped in the Havenite insurrection against Rancor and her lieutenants.  She met Replica, and didn't like her, sensing something wrong about her.  In the battle, Blockade sprained Nikki's ankle while she blasted Shaddo.  [GOTG 10]  When Blockade tried to finish her off, Nikki blinded him.  [GOTG 11]

The situation on Haven resolved, Nikki jumped at a distress call from Firelord.  Her concerns were interrupted when Replica was found stowing away.  Nikki threw a tantrum, warning that she wanted Replica out of her way.  Arriving at Firelord's position, the Guardians joined him in battling Overkill.  Afterward, Nikki expressed her feelings for Firelord, and he confirmed an attraction for her, but dismissed her as being too young, among other concerns.  Seeing Nikki's heart broken at the rejection, and wanting her to feel better even though she had rejected him, Charlie gave her a rose made of flame and told her it was from Firelord.  [GOTG 12]

The Universal Church of Truth  (3017)
As the Captain America II idled in the Tilnast System, Nikki approached Charlie and let him know that she realized the rose was from him and told him how much it meant to her.  [GOTG 13]  A short time later, the Guardians met the Spirit of Vengeance and the Universal Church of Truth boarded their vessel.  Nikki, Charlie and Martinex were taken to an indoctrination chamber on Sarka and tortured; Nikki's wrist blasters were confiscated.  The three escaped and the Guardians regained their ship.  Nikki wanted to free the Sarkans from the Church and "deprogram" them, but
Vance reasoned that the Sarkans wanted the Church and the Guardians had no right to "liberate a world that doesn't want to be liberated."  [GOTG 14]

After Sarka, Nikki redesigned her costume and equipped herself with pistols to replace her stolen blasters.  When Force boarded the Captain America II, Nikki had a rematch with Scanner.  At the same time, Nikki's suspicion about Replica was confirmed when she found out the girl was a Skrull.  [GOTG 15]  Nikki and Scanner's fight was broken up by Broadside and the Guardians formed a truce with Force to combat Malevolence and the threat of the Protégé.  The groups teleported to Homeworld and Nikki joined in a conflict with Protégé's Universalite guardsmen.  Afterward, seeing Broadside's interest in Charlie-27, Nikki was jealous.  [GOTG 16]

Punished  (3018)
After Starhawk reabsorbed Aleta, Nikki cast her vote with her teammates to expel him from the Guardians of the Galaxy, hating Starhawk for "destroying" her "best friend".  [GOTG 17, 22]  Nikki visited Earth in her native time for the first time in 3018 at about 26 years of age.  (Nikki reacted as though she'd never been there, although she'd spent three years living there in the Twentieth Century; she marveled at the skyscrapers as well, although she'd seen some in M/PRS 5 and M/TU 86)  It was then that Martinex decided to leave the team, and Nikki joined in bidding him farewell.  [GOTG 17]  On Earth, Nikki fought the Punishers alongside the Commandeers and the Guardians.  [GOTG 18]  Crazy Nate flirted with Nikki throughout her stay, but she continually rejected his advances.  [GOTG 18, 19, 20]  After the first battle with the Punishers, Nikki met Talon and was attracted to him.  [GOTG 19]  Ambushed by the Punishers and several Badoon, Nikki shot and killed one of the lizards, Durgg.  Seeing
Vance finally freed from his containment suit, Nikki flirted with him amidst the battle.  [GOTG 20]

Madripoor  (3018)
The Guardians made themselves at home beneath the ruins of Avengers Mansion, and Nikki took the opportunity to approach Talon and express her feelings for him but was rejected.  While at the Mansion, she constructed new blast knuckles to replace her pistols.  Learning of the presence of Ranor and her Lieutenants, the Guardians headed to Madripoor, where Nikki faced Batwing.  [GOTG 21]  Starhawk reentered the scene, and saved Nikki from a fall, but she rewarded him with a swift uppercut because of the anger she still held over Aleta's absorption.  [GOTG 22]  In the brief conflict with the Lieutenants, Nikki remarked to Shaddo that she'd been waiting a long time to fight her again.  [GOTG 23]

After Madripoor, the Guardians returned to New York and Nikki talked to Charlie about getting together again.  This time, he told her he didn't want to complicate the good relationship they had.  Nikki thanked Charlie anyway for being a friend.  [GOTG 24]  The Guardians met up with Firelord again during an encounter with Galactus, and Nikki confessed to him that her feelings were only a crush, but she still suggested he join the team.  [GOTG 25]

Attempted Genocide  (3018, mainstream 1992-1993, 3018)
The time came when Yondu decided to quit the team.  Upset, Nikki spent some time by herself and altered her costume once more.  Afterward, she joined Talon in reviewing holo-chips of the Guardians' rouges gallery.  [GOTG@ 2]  Next, the two watched a holo-chip recounting the Guardians' origin.  Nikki was moved and wanted to pay the Badoon back for all they'd done, and Starhawk took advantage of the situation, suggesting a pre-emptive strike on the Badoon by traveling to the past.  [GOTG 26]  Once in Mainstream 1992, the Guardians teleported to Luna and were attacked by the Inhumans, Nikki being strangled by Medusa.  When the misunderstanding was settled the Guardians teleported to Earth.  [GOTG 27]  At Avengers Mansion, Nikki helped ward off an attack by the Masters of Evil, taking on Yellowjacket and Titania.  [GOTG 28]  Inside the Mansion, Doctor Octopus captured Nikki.  No sooner was she freed, then she was confronted with a twisted doppelganger of herself created by Magus as part of his Infinity War.  After the Masters and the doppelgangers were defeated, Nikki and her teammates helped Jarvis clean up the Mansion.  [GOTG 29]  While on the streets outside the Mansion, Nikki was a victim of an Earth-wide trance originating with Magus.  [IW 5; GOTG 30]

After the cleanup, the subject of the Guardians' purpose in that time period arose.  Apparently still under Starhawk's influence, Nikki felt that destroying the Badoon would prevent the murder of her friends and family in the future and venomously defended her belief.  [GOTG 30]  When the Badoon issued a challenge to have a Guardian fight their best warrior in an arena, Nikki's blood lust consumed her - she blasted Charlie-27 and threatened Talon's life for the chance to have revenge.  [GOTG 31]  Having recovered from Nikki's weapons, Charlie destroyed her blast knucle weapons.  Furious that her opportunity might be lost, Nikki released a tremendous burst of flame from her scalp, burning Charlie's head bald, and marking the first manifestation of her latent abilities.  [GOTG 32, 40]  Either as a result of her spent energy or through Charlie, Nikki was left unconscious, which Charlie used to his advantage to tie her to a chair.  [GOTG 32]  After getting free from her bonds, Nikki teleported down to Moord in a new costume and assisted in defeating L'Matto and retrieving Charlie.  The Guardians returned to 3018 to get medical treatment for Charlie and, Stakar's influence being cut short, Nikki's desire for revenge evaporated.  [GOTG 33]

Dealing with Guilt and Helping Rebuild Earth  (3018)
While Charlie's life was in jeopardy, Nikki was very upset, in addition to feeling guilt over having lost her temper and burned his hair off.  [GOTG 34]  When Dormammu attacked Drydock, Nikki witnessed the death of the Ancient One.  [GOTG 36]  With the destruction of Drydock, Nikki made a new home aboard Icarus, where she helped Rita DeMara design a new costume.  Upon returning to Earth, the Guardians discovered a log showing the torture of the Commandeers.  Nikki was unable to watch.  [GOTG 38]  Meeting up with Rancor's Lieutenants again, Nikki joined her teammates in the fray, getting bio-blasted by Batwing, burning Blockade's foot, and kicking Shaddo.  After the battle, Nikki confessed her guilt to Charlie over burning him, and was relieved to be forgiven.  The Guardians destroyed RTV and stayed on Earth for weeks, and Nikki witnessed President Tarin and Vice President Old Redd being sworn in.  [GOTG 39]

Spending a short time in space, the Guardians returned to Earth at the request of President Tarin.  Nikki's interest was piqued as the President described the Book of Kells, after hearing an account of the history contained within (likely remembering the history on her space yacht's computer with fondness).  The Guardians then ventured to Ireland, where Nikki met Molly Fitzgerald and Cuchulain, battling Samhain and recovering the book.  [GOTG@ 3]  Leaving Earth, Nikki and the Guardians discovered Mainstream Beta Ray Bill briefly appear aboard Icarus, with some Roman Centurions and horses thereafter.  [THOR CORPS #3; Nikki remarks that Bill resembles Asgardians they've recently encountered, but the Guardians didn't go to Asgard until later.]

Luna, Asgard and Beta Centauri IV  (3019)
Returning to space once more, Charlie expressed his desire to Nikki, about 27 years old at this point, to get back together again.  The Guardians ventured to Luna to free the Inhumans from slavery.  [GOTG 40]  From there they followed Loki and several Inhumans to Asgard, where Nikki inexplicably did not recognize Thor, whom she had a crush on about seven years ago.  [T@ 6; A 167, 168; GOTG 42; maybe it was all the weight?]  In a conflict with Loki's Inhumans, Nikki bursted flames at Wormhole, blinding him.  [GOTG 42]  Phobia's attack forced Nikki to relive the slaughter of her family at the hands of the Badoon.  [GOTG 43]

Protégé's End  (3019)
Once Odin put an end to Loki's plans, Starhawk took the Guardians to Beta Centauri IV to find Yondu.  [GOTG 43, 44]  From there, the Beyonder brought the Guardians to his realm where Mephisto and Malevolence attacked them.  [GOTG 46, 47]  The Guardians escaped through Talon's mystic abilities to the Dimension of Manifestations.  [GOTG 49]  With help from the Beyonder, Nikki joined in fighting Malevolence.  Once Protégé dealt with Malevolence and her father, the Living Tribunal killed the Protégé.  Nikki spoke up, feeling that the judgement was too harsh.  Back aboard Icarus, Nikki commented that the experience creeped her out.  [GOTG 50]

Stockade  (3019)
No sooner had the Guardians returned to Icarus than they were gassed and the ship's autopilot delivered them into Rancor's hands on Haven II.  Nikki was isolated in a snowy part of the planet where she was pitted against Shaddo.  She set the mutant aflame and would have killed her if not for
Vance's intervention.  The Guardians escaped when Talon teleported Icarus and its crew back to Luna's orbit.  [GOTG@ 4]  Watching an Infonet broadcast, the Guardians discovered that their missing comrade, Charlie-27, was being held on Stockade.  Traveling to Dochas, Latveria, the Guardians visited with the community there, and recruited Cuchulain for their mission.  While there, Nikki gave a quick astronomy lesson to some children in Molly's schoolhouse.  Back onboard Icarus, Nikki commented to Rita on an attraction to Cuchulain.  [GOTG 51]  While alone on Icarus, Nikki was visited by Side-Step and greeted her with a right-hook to her jaw.  Side-Step held Nikki immobile by putting her lower half in a "nether dimension," and gave her a clue to vindicating Charlie from Stockade.  Before leaving, Side-Step returned her host's reception with a bloody lip.  [GOTG 52]  Nikki later went aboard Stockade and helped secure Charlie's release.  [GOTG 53]

The Ripjak Saga  (30xx?)
After freeing Charlie, the Guardians went in pursuit of Ripjak.  Nikki and her fellows made their way to the Memorial Tribute War Museum in Mons Olympus, Mars.  [GOTG 54]  When Rita made a mistake, Charlie comforted her, making Nikki jealous.  [GOTG 55]  Charlie later regretted losing his temper over events connected with Stockade, and Nikki put him at ease.  Charlie confessed that thinking of Nikki was the only thing that kept him going during his confinement, much to Nikki's delight.  The Guardians arrived at a planet in the Tombaugh System, where Nikki was overcome with grief at the sight of its slain inhabitants.  [GOTG 56]  As the Guardians allied with Ripjak against Bubonicus, Nikki questioned the sincerity of the Martian's motives.  [GOTG 57]  When
Vance teamed up with Ripjak and the High Evolutionary to confront Bubonicus on Sanctuary, leaving the Guardians behind, Nikki felt Vance had let the team down and went on sabbatical with Charlie.  [GOTG 58]

Sabbatical  (3020)
During sabbatical, Nikki piloted a shuttle through an asteroid field and vacationed on a planet nearby.  On the way back to her hotel from the grocery store, a gang who wanted to rape her attacked her.  Getting pistol whipped and burning off her attackers' hair and shirts, she was rescued by Charlie.  Back at the hotel, the two slept together before investigating reports of Jovian slaves on Auriga VII.  [GOTG 59]

Investigations and A Second Pre-Emptive Strike (3020, 2001, 3020, mainstream 1995, 302x?)
Some time later, Mainframe convinced the Guardians to suspend their sabbaticals and reunite to go back to 2001 and prevent the War of the Worlds.  [GOTG 62]  Receiving a distress signal from Cherryh Station, the Guardians responded, where Nikki was included in the boarding party.  She fought Iceman, believing he and the Mainstream X-Men he was with were responsible for the slaughter of the station's crew.  She and her teammates escaped the station just before it exploded.  [XSPI 3]  Returning to their current mission, the Guardians traveled to 2001, damaging much of the Martian invasion fleet.  They attempted to return to the 31st Century and were hurled into an unknown time, crashing on an unknown planet.  [GOTG 62]

From some point in their proper era not long after being lost, the Guardians detected a space-time anomaly in a reality adjacent to Mainstream 1995 and traveled there to investigate, encountering resistance from the New Warriors.  [NW 68]  Following the battle, they returned to their native era, where Nikki likely joined in welcoming her friend Rita back to the team.  [GOTG 50/2]